RMI builds Covid-19 defense

Leaders from church organizations in the Marshall Islands gathered with Cabinet Ministers Bruce Bilimon and Jemi Nashion and health authorities to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


For the first time in a long time, spiritual leaders from various faiths in Majuro congregated under one roof at the Marshall Islands Resort last Friday to discuss Covid-19.
Culture and Internal Affairs Minister Jemi Nashion and Health and Human Services Minister Bruce Bilimon conducted the high-level dialogue.

“We’ve informed our members to pray at home since God is everywhere,” Baha’i Secretary Rosina Korean said in the meeting.

At the conclusion of the three-hour dialogue, majority of the churches offered to restrict church gatherings and pledged to assist the government in case of a breakout locally.

This past week, the National Disaster Committee and Majuro Atoll Local and health officials met with multiple community circles, including the Taxi Association, which saw large turnout of drivers and owners at Delap Park.

In addition, Republic of China/Taiwan Ambassador Jeffrey Hsiao shared his country’s secret weapon against the Covid-19 pandemic during a handover ceremony at the Ministry of Education, Sports and Training March 26.
The secret weapon: hand washing. “Our country has been able to slow down the virus by telling our people to wash their hands,” Jeffrey told the Journal.

The Taiwan secret weapon came with over 5,000 bars of soaps the ambassador said were accumulated in a short period of time courtesy of the ROC Embassy and the RMI Taiwanese Association.

Minister Kitlang Kabua said it’s no surprise ROC were able to mobilize quickly given their international record in containing Covid-19. Kitlang shared the people’s appreciation on behalf of President David Kabua.

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