RMI honors Japan Emperor Naruhito

College of the Marshall Islands student body officers joined in the celebration of Japan Emperor Naruhito’s 60th birthday Monday at Marshall Islands Resort. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

The Japan Embassy hosted a reception to celebrate the 60th birthday of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito Monday this week — the first such celebration for Naruhito’s birthday as the new emperor took up the throne in May of last year.

The Japan Embassy held a special “moment of silence” in honor of the late Iroojlaplap Lein Patrick Zedkeia at the beginning of the occasion.

The event was hosted by Japan Ambassador Norio Saito and attended by Speaker Kenneth Kedi, Minister in Assistance to the President and Environment Christopher Loeak, Foreign Minister Casten Nemra, other Cabinet ministers, Kwajalein MP/Iroojlaplap Mike Kabua, members of the Council of Irooj, Nitijela members, diplomatic corps, government officials, College of Marshall Islands student leaders and other friends at the Marshall Islands Resort.

Saito expressed his gratitude to the participants for joining the people of Japan to congratulate His Majesty Naruhito on his 60th birthday.

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