RMI inks China pact

Front pages from 1987, 1998 and 2009.

Journal 5/8/1987

P1 RepMar inks China pact RepMar signed it first business pact with the People’s Republic of China last Thursday before a large gathering of government and business leaders. The new agreement sets up the Joint Investment Corporation of the Marshall Islands, a joint venture between Marshall Islands Development Authority and Macao Zhuhai Development Corporation. “The new corporation will undertake development projects on a case by case basis,” said Attorney General Greg Danz.

P14 Uncle Sam comes through “Our Father Who Art in Washington,” Yap Governor John Mangafel once said of the seemingly never ending supply of economic aid from Uncle Sam. Nowadays, federal cuts may be the talk of bureaucrats but it doesn’t worry the health ministry. Last week President Reagan declared a major disaster exists in the Marshalls because of the fire which destroyed the outer islands medical supply building at the old hospital in February. The announcement is welcome news for the Outer Islands Dispensary System, which lost an estimated $500,000 in medicines and supplies in the fire. Washington will cover 75 percent of the losses.

P15 Art of the Marshall Islands Pat Muno showed Marshallese works of art to Kwajalein Commander Col. Chapman and his wife at the recent art show on Kwajalein. The program was coordinated by Darlene Dihel featuring seven artists from Majuro and seven from Kwaj who displayed their work at the Yokwe Yuk Club last Sunday. Darlene Gamache, Amran Enos, Robin White, Paul Kingsbury, Karen Williams and Linda Parker were among the local artists who had work displayed at the show.

P18 Wally’s ‘grander’ tops jackpot fishing derby Sports fishermen often use the tern “grander” to describe a fishing weighing 1,000 pounds of more. In Saturday’s Jackpot Fishing Derby, Wally Milne and the Lanai team pulled in a grander of a slightly different type. Wally’s 485-pound marlin was the highlight of the derby and earned the first place prize of $1,000. The fish also quickly took away much of the suspense and anticipation that generally accompanies the fishing competitions sponsored by the Marshalls Billfish Club. A total of 16 boats registered for the derby and when the last one left the new fishing base at 6:53am, the dock crew settled down with their coffee, expecting to while away most of the day waiting for the boats to return. Just over an hour later, the blue Lanai 22 sped back up to the dock. It was not flying a marlin flag, but a telltale tail could be seen sticking out of the boat. A quick hookup and perfect teamwork from crewmen Rick Bush, Ben Murdock and Joe Kinepal had gotten the derby off to an exciting start. And there were still nine hours left. The Lanai boat had barely left the dock when the Dragon Family boat pulled up. Captain Victor Milne (the “Fishing Master”) and his crew also struck early, bringing in a 127-pound yellowfin tuna and a 69-pound sailfish. The tuna would hold on to win $300 but the sailfish had to settle for being a runner-up in the billfish division.

Journal 5/8/1998

P1 Tony wins Ebeye race As thousands of Ebeye Islanders watched from the shore, Tony Elias of Ailinglaplap proved that he’s the best outrigger canoe captain with a double win in the Constitution Day canoe race at Kwajalein Atoll over the weekend. He won $1,650. Sandy Langbata’s canoe from Lae took second, and Lib Island’s Ejja Joseph captured third place.

Journal 5/8/2009

P1 Mighty men As a result of last Saturday’s “muscle man” competition, we now know who is Majuro’s Strongest Man. Nate Spear tossed his competitors with one throw, taking the title as Majuro’s Strongest Man. In the nine man competition, Bob Revercomb and Peter Muller tied for third, and Jesse Roland was second.

P10 We need to be green Micronesians and Marshallese who complain that climate change is affecting their low-lying islands must start changing their own behavior if they want bigger nations to help, a Micronesian conservation leader told the Journal. “It’s about sincerity,” said Pohnpei-based Willy Kostka, who heads the Micronesian Conservation Trust. “If the freely associated states were as big as industrial countries,” Kostka said looking out over a parking lot in Majuro filled with SUVs and four-wheel drive pickup trucks, “we’d be among the worst polluters.”


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