RMI issues Covid business aid

At the business Covid-19 relief handover on July 24 were, from left: the Disaster Management Committee Economic Impact Assessment Committee Chairman Reginald White and Chief Secretary Kino Kabua, Minister Bruce Bilimon, DAR’s Miriam Domnick, President David Kabua, Happy Hands’ representative Iva Reimers, and Ministers Chris Loeak and Sandy Alfred.

Two local businesses received Covid-19 relief checks from the RMI government July 24, bringing to four the number of firms that have received assistance.

President David Kabua and members of the Cabinet joined with representatives of DAR Coffee Corner and Happy Hands handicraft shop for the business relief check handover ceremony at the Cabinet.

In addition to the latest two, AKIA Cafe and RRE have also received initial Covid-19 relief aid from the RMI government.

A total of about $120,000 in Covid-19 relief has so far been provided to these four local business, with RRE, which operates a hotel that has been hard hit by the ongoing travel ban, receiving close to two thirds of this total.

The Chief Secretary’s office said July 29 that submitted applications “are currently under review and the Economic Impact Assessment Committee expects to award more at the end of this week.”


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