RMI joins the USP family

TW-pic-3-11Journal 3/12/1976

P2 The Nite Life By Stoney I was talking with Edinal Jorkan the other nite when he came back from Saipan for WSZO news. Asking him how’s Saipan and did he enjoy staying up there, he told me, really good and he really like Saipan. All over sudden he get mad at me. “Why you guys gave drink to my pitcher?” And I told him, hey take it easy Ed, we didn’t force him to drink, and it wasn’t my boys form the Coolers that drink beer with him, it’s my boys from the band, Tiem, Bender and tony. Anyway reader, what we talk about now is about the final game between Cooler and Ghost Ghost three weeks ago.

This guy Edinal is just like me, he’s the manager, coach and owner of Ghost Ghost team. Anyway, these two team, are just one team when the baseball league start and we split cause we too many players. so all the younger boys from Ghost Ghost team, they really good because from the start of the league they been winning until the very second to last game, and they lost to the team from Laura, the Baby Food or Baby Ruth, I don’t really know the name of the team. If they never lost a game, they could have be the champ, but too bad they lost one game, that gave the Cooler the chance to win the championship.

Anyway, Edinal was really mad, and I told him, Ed be a good loser, the basketball and volleyball almost start, one more week, you guys might win the championship on those two games. But I know for sure the Coolers will win the championship. One thing with my boys, they can drink and play, most people on Majuro don’t understand why I call my team the Coolers because we go play, we usually put two case of beer in the cooler, and I let the boys know before the game if you lose, Sorry, I’ll take back the beer, and give you guys the cooler with full of ice cube in it. Too bad they don’t have beer drinkers in the Micro Olympics so we can send my team to represent the Marshall Islands.

Journal 3/15/1991

P3 Good food, good friendship: Must be Arno The Arno fishery development project was officially turned over to the Marshall Islands government March 8. The $4.6 million project funded by Japan will be operated by MIMRA.

P9 Marshalls joins USP The RMI has become the 12th member of the University of the South Pacific.

P18 Drip, drip, drip Majuro’s been blessed with lots of rain lately, but it’s been tough on roofs with leaks developing and buckets appearing to catch the drops. The weather station reports that we’ve had 17.39 inches of liquid snow since March 1.

Journal 3/17/2000

P1 Time to get to work President Kessai Note congratulated new Majuro Mayor Mudge Samuel after the local government swearing in Friday at the ECC gym. Leroij Atma Zedkaia was in attendance.

P5 Are we in hell? By Jack Niedenthal No, this is not Rev. Karl Whiteman nor Mr. Ji lecturing today. It’s just me, Jack the Bikini Liaison. I am Jack, the guy who has filed 67 consecutive quarterly and annual reports for the Bikini Distribution Authority to the Nuclear Claims Tribunal on time and with every penny accounted for since 1987 I am the guy who, since 1987, has paid income tax for our 300+ employee payroll for 182 consecutive filings on time and with every penny accounted for. Over that same time span I have filed 56 consecutive social security tax quarterly tax payments on time and, again, with every penny accounted for…I was appalled reading last week’s Journal about the state of unauditable affairs in this county…So many of us are tired of paying the price for following the rules to the best of our abilities while we see the cheaters laugh at us like we are stupid. We are not stupid, we are mad, and we demand action. Now.