RMI loses $4.7m funding

TW-pic-5-27Journal 5/30/1975

P1 Micronesia may get 200-mile rights from LoS conference Micronesia represented itself at the United Nations Law of the Sea Conference recently in Geneva, Switzerland. The Micronesian delegation was headed by Marshalls Rep. Charles Domnick. Also at the meeting were Special Consultant Frederick Wyle, Special Advisor Andon Amaraich and Truk Senator Nick Bossy.

P2 A ‘Port Pacific’ at Palau? Palau has been described as a “new, central energy distribution and anchorage port” which represents a “most appropriate and economical solution to the requirements of the Western Pacific Nations,” according to a report released here. Titled “Port Pacific at Palau,” the 33-page report envisions $300 to $400 million supertanker port on northern Babelthuap, the largest island in the Trust Territory, capable of storing 3.4 million tons of oil. A large refinery is also mentioned. The report was prepared by Robert Panero Associates of New York.

P7 None from Marshalls Twenty Micronesians graduated from the University of Guam earlier this month, representing all districts but the Marshalls: 9 from Marianas, 5 from Truk, 4 from Yap, 2 from Palau and 1 from Ponape.

Journal 5/31/1991

P3 RMI to open PRC embassy The Marshall Islands government will soon open its first embassy in the People’s Republic of China with Lawrence Edwards as ambassador. The two nations established diplomatic ties late last year.

P12 Elders show old skills to young During a craft demonstration at Gibson’s shopping center, many elders showed off their talents: Kainok Atwel from Laura showed 14 year old Betty Amanu how to weave palm fronds; Kalleb Noah worked on finishing a fishing net; Johnni Tipes from Laura worked on making island ‘rope’ from coconut fiber; and Mojin Jablotak demonstrated how to weave jenae.

P21 Continuing education A computer workshop held at the College of the Marshall Islands saw a number of government men furthering their education. Participating were: Robin Kios, Mass Hermon, Benta Jonaie, Xavier Myazoe, and Teruo Kaminaga.

P23 Government ministries facing big budget cuts The Marshall Islands government is bracing itself for major money cuts as a result of a big drop in Compact of Free Association funding for next fiscal year. Beginning October 1, the Marshalls will lose about $4.7 million a year in government operations funding from the Compact, a drop of more than 15 percent.

Journal 6/2/2000

P6 Unique ladies Pacific Unique Travel staff were recognized recently with a Silver Elite Award from Continental Micronesia for being in the top 10 sales within Micronesia for 1999. The award included free tickets. The happy staff are Deborah Shoniber, Ann Sualau, Cathy Silk Ralpho and Valentine Lemae.

P11 Local students recognized Telbi Lanej, Helon Zedkaia and Cantina Lokiar were honored by Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort staff recently. The three Marshall Islands High School seniors worked at Outrigger for three months as part of the School-to-Work program before graduating from MIHS this week. Honoring them were Outrigger staff Bill Weza, Naomi Maitinnara, Erak Erakdrik, Dolores deBrum-Kattil, and Robert McConnell.