RMI loses UN vote for not paying fees

The Marshall Islands is one of 10 countries suspended from voting at the United Nations because it has not paid its membership fees for a number of years.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sent a letter to the RMI and nine other nations Friday informing them that until they bring their membership dues current, they cannot vote at the world body, according to a report by Australian Associated Press.

RMI officials confirmed that the problem of unpaid membership dues by the RMI government is not only an issue with the United Nations but other international organizations to which the RMI belongs but is delinquent in paying its fees.

The problem with unpaid membership fees to the UN puts RMI together with Bahrain, Libya, Mali, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Burundi and Iran — though Iran was reported as paying Friday.