RMI-US negotiations stall

Journal 8/16/1982

P1 Zeder reported making last try on Compact US Ambassador Fred Zeder will arrive soon in a last ditch effort to resolve Marshalls-US differences on the Compact of Free Association and the conduct of a plebiscite, President Amata Kabua told Nitijela August 13. Foreign Secretary Tony deBrum explained that there was a stalemate in the talks because the US wants to end the Trusteeship on its own terms, at a time of its own choosing, and with a guarantee of military use, terms which Marshalls negotiators refused to agree to.

P4 Sen. Balos: US must increase Kwaj rent or return the land The leader of a landowner group that once lived on an atoll now leased to the US for nuclear missile testing says the property must be returned or the rent increased, reported United Press International. Ataji Balos, board chairman of the Kwajalein Atoll Corporation, was on a five-day trip last week to the US to meet with lawyers and lobby government officials.

Journal 8/19/1994

P1 Taiwan backs Kabua idea Pacific island nations are working toward forming a cartel to control access to fish in the region in an effort to wrest greater financial rewards from the $1.4 billion a year industry. President Amata Kabua urged the South Pacific Forum to band together in a regional corporation to “achieve greater benefits as a world supplier of fish rather than just a fishing ground.” Taiwan was quick to respond at Post-Forum Dialogue sessions, offering immediately to at least double what it’s paying for tuna and to deal on a regional, not individual country basis.

P14 Walap takes shape on Ujae Atoll The building of a new voyaging canoe on Ujae Atoll is more than half way to completion and islanders are hoping to sail the outrigger to Majuro when completed. Waan Aelon Kein (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) Project coordinator Dennis Alessio was in Majuro this week after five months working on Ujae. Three master builders — Thomas Bokin, Macbi Bokin and Elimas Samuel — are working with younger trainees, teaching the skills of traditional canoe building to the younger generation, said Alessio.

P17 Nitijela resolution to approve Allen as new PSC chair New resolutions were introduced to Nitijela, including: Resolution 106 introduced by President Amata Kabua to approve the appointment of William Allen as chairman of the Public Service Commission; Resolution 107 also introduced by President Kabua to approve Donald Matthew as a member of the PSC; Resolutions 108 and 109 introduced by Foreign Minister Phillip Muller to appointment Mack Kaminaga as ambassador to Japan and reassign Kinja Andrike as ambassador to Fiji, respectively.

P18 Drama with a message becomes local tradition Three years of drama workshops in Majuro and the outer islands have formed a strong core of youthful actors and actresses in the Marshall Islands, according to a Honolulu theater teacher. Daniel Kelin, II, the associate director of drama education for the Honolulu Theater for Youth, said he has enjoyed the challenge of “making something a yearly tradition that otherwise doesn’t exist in the Marshall Islands.” Kelin’s drama work has been in association with Youth to Youth in Health.

P19 Lots of international anglers expected The Marshalls Billfish Club is gearing for the second annual Mobil All-Micronesia Billfish Tournament, set for mid-September in Majuro. A substantial increase in the number of international teams competing is expected this year. “We’re expecting a minimum of 12 teams this year and possibly as many as 15,” said MBC official Bill Graham.

Journal 8/19/2005

P2 Report: Vaccine count ‘extremely low’ Low immunization levels in the Marshall Islands are raising concerns about future outbreaks of disease and the need for better immunization follow up. Infant mortality rates have gone way down since the late 1990s. But very few children in the RMI in 2003-2004 were fully immunized against measles, mumps and rubella, which requires a series of three shots.

P6 Hess gets top job at CMI Wilson Hess has been named the new president of the College of the Marshall Islands. He is the first person to be hired for the CMI president position who has previous college presidential experience.