Runways to be renovated

Journal 3/20/1981

P2 Ailuk to get airfield soon One of three government landing craft utilities left Majuro last week for Ailinglaplap with personnel and necessary equipment to compact and extend several hundred feet of Bakilkil airport at Ailinglaplap. Secretary of Resources and Development Hemos Jack said after completion of the Ailinglaplap runway renovation, the LCU will proceed to Utrik to pick up equipment there and onward to Ailuk.

P2 Preliminary power plant work started Preliminary work on the new Majuro power plant was begun March 16 behind Tobolar copra processing mill.

P5 Alele dedication May 1 Preparations for the grand opening and dedication of the Marshall Islands Alele Museum are now underway, according to Internal Affairs Secretary Carmen Bigler.

P6 Some Enewetakese may return to Ujelang Enewetak people who were formerly put on Ujelang and are now living on Enewetak Atoll may return to Ujelang this week, said Judith Knappe of MLSC. Militobi is leaving March 16 to Enewetak to take those Enewetakese who want to return to Ujelang.

Journal 3/19/1993

P1 Trial hearing date set After 10 years of litigation the showdown between Iroij Kabua Kabua and Iroij Imata Kabua has been set for June 1 by new Judge Samuel King.

P5 Eggs laid The Marshall Islands is about to lose its chicken man, the irascible Shaul Eliat, who this week completed two years in working himself out of a job. Shaul came here when the country was 8,000 chickens fewer, a desperate situation that had us totally dependent on imported eggs. Now, not only are we well on the road to egg self-sufficiency, we also have a fully trained and, by Shaul’s evaluation, competent team to carry on.

P6 Kwajalein to return to Marshall Islands time Kwajalein will return to Marshall Islands time on August 20, according to Col. Gene Hazel, the commander of the US Army Kwajalein Atoll. For nearly 30 years, Kwajalein has followed the same date as the US, desire the fact that it is on the other side of the International Dateline from the US. It first switched per in the early 1960s when its missile testing program began to synchronize Kwajalein with California for missile launches.

Journal 3/19/2004

P2 RMI gets high marks on human rights report The US government’s Human Rights Report on the Marshall Islands gives the country high marks for freedom of speech and press, but noted a number of problems mostly relating to violence against women.

P4 Land registry set to open Cabinet is expected to next week announce the five members of the board for the new Land Registration Authority, which was the main focus of last week’s Chamber of Commerce meeting.

P13 Schools join forces for fun An inter-school spelling bee involved third grade students from Majuro Coop School and Assumption Elementary School at AES library. Staff from both schools were delighted with the exchanged.