Salome ends 35 years with UA

Retired long-time Majuro United Airlines Manager Salome Andrike pictured with then-United CEO Oscar Munoz in this Journal file photo.

The end of an era in United Airlines’ footprint in the Marshall Islands was announced last week by Burt Weilbacher, United’s senior regional manager for airport operations in Micronesia.

United Airlines Majuro General Manager Salome Andrike retired effective last weekend after a 35-year career that spanned Continental Micronesia and later United Airlines service to the islands. She has been the Majuro manager for over 20 years.

Salome was repeatedly recognized by United Airlines executives for her well-managed operation in the RMI capital. In October 2006, Salome was called to honor by then Continental Airlines chairman and chief executive officer Larry Kellner and Continental Micronesia president and CEO Mark Erwin for her good work with the airline. This was one of many. More recently, she was recognized as a United 100 winner, the highest honor for an employee in United.

“Her hard work, dedication and achievements may never be matched,” said Burt. “She has made an undeniable difference to the company in all those years of service. Her retirement is well-deserved, and she will be greatly missed.”

Burt narrated Salome’s background with the airline, which started in 1988 as a customer service agent. In 2003, the was moved into a leadership position, and has been managing the Majuro station ever since. He said under her leadership, United’s Majuro airport operation won Silver and Gold Safety Excellence designations. He noted Salome’s plan to focus on her family business as well as political arena endeavors, a reference to her current status as a candidate for Nitijela from Maloelap.


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