Santa’s parade a hit

Pan Pacific Foods laid on a team of Santas for the annual Christmas parade in Majuro last Saturday. PPF employees Dolly, holding elf CK, Jhong, Heltha and Gemma were geared up for the holiday spirit. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Santa hit town last Saturday to the delight of thousands of Majuro residents.

Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce 32nd annual Christmas parade in collaboration with Majuro Atoll Local Government brought Santa Claus to life, with candies by the thousand tossed out from the 13 decorated floats.

The floats were supported by community based volunteers joining the thrilling procession that went from Rita to Laura.

“This year we have seen strong participation from the fisheries sector,” said Chamber President Mark Stege. “We were happy to have seen the joy on the kids’ faces, a classic part of the Christmas parade.”

People from all ages went out to the street and awaited the arrival of their Santa Claus with his candies. Many came out with all sorts of candy bags including plastics, boxes, shopping bags, coconut weave baskets, while some came without anything and just put the candies into their pockets.

An interesting thing to take note from this parade, while a majority of the participants of the float were throwing candies to the crowd, there was this one vehicle whose owner was throwing ramen, propane bottles, dollar bills, and even cigarettes.


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