Sea Patrol rescues 38

Journal 1/25/1983

P1 Senator Ataji Balos: Kwaj owners unhappy with KMR Despite efforts and some improvements made or restored by the newly formed Community Relations Council, which was recently created to improve relations between the American community on Kwajalein Missile Range and the Marshallese community on Ebeye, treatment of the Marshallese people, particularly their leaders when they commute to KMR, has deteriorated to a low point that it may be unlikely that the Kwajalein landowners and their leaders will renew the present lease of Kwajalein to the United States government when the lease expires in 1985, Kwajalein Senator Ataji Balos told the Journal.

P8 Tobolar report Copra price took the other half of the January 21 Nitijela session, as lawmakers argued back and forth about copra prices and how the copra makers are suffering. The Office of the Speaker ordered the Copra Stabilization Board members to make a report to Nitijela on Tobolar and the question of raising copra prices by January 24.

Journal 1/27/1995

P1 Sea Patrol saves 38 lives in ’94 Mark Humphries, the new Sea Patrol Advisor, reports that out of 10 calls for help in 1994, search and rescue had seven “successfuls” result in the saving of 38 lives. Two calls were false alarms. The one unsuccessful attempt involved a traditional outrigger canoe with four or five fishermen on board. Although the Lomor searched for 10 days, nothing was found.

P2 Kuj makes Dean’s list Ellen Milne, a college freshman at New Mexico Military Institute, has been named to the Dean’s List for academic achievement during the fall semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a cadet must have a grade point average between 3.25 and 3.5, an A in deportment, and carry a minimum of five subjects.

P6 Releasing nightmare The Journal urges establishment of a single office at Majuro main dock, outfitted with desks, filing cabinets, and an air conditioner where, in a row, you have a customs agent, a transportation agent, a pair of shipping company agents, and a stevedoring company agent. This office would save millions of dollars in importers’ time in running around like a nitwit getting rubber stamps from the various agencies. Anybody who doesn’t agree with this idea is crazy. Anyone who works to prevent its implementation should be deported, citizen or not.

Journal 1/27/2006

P7 Carmen honored Carmen Bigler was honored last Wednesday for her “exceptional and lifelong contributions to historic and cultural preservation in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia,” at the Pacific Preservation Symposium. David Look, deputy head of the Cultural Resources Team of the US Department of Interior, presented the “certificate of outstanding achievement.” Bigler was instrumental in founding the Alele Museum and formulating legislation to preserve cultural heritage of the Marshall Islands.

P17 Experts study our secret ‘sea signs’ Traditional navigation tsill is just a thing of our past, something to just put in our history books — but not if our guys at Waan Aelon in Majel (WAM) have anything to say about it. A joint WAM and University of Hawaii project, which started late last year, is hoping not only to document traditional Marshallese navigational skills but to revive them as well. Joe Genz, a PhD student at the University of Hawaii, has been working closely with the WAM project and skilled traditional navigator Korent Joel to revive this nearly forgotten and under-appreciated Marshallese skill.

P25 Yachties to descend on Bikini On March 7, 2006 at least 10 international yachts will make history by being the first cruising group to be invited to Bikini Atoll. “Yachties Week in Bikini” is being organized by Bikini Local Government Liaison Officer Jack Niedenthal in conjunction with the Mieco Beach Yacht Club.

P28 Are you aware? That the good news for the Clam Farm is that the number of US households with aquariums has risen 30 percent over the past 10 years?

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