Senko: Interesting night

TW-pic-2-12Journal 2/8/1974

P1 Colorado River tour group completes two tours to Arno They needed something to do in the winter off-season, so Jack Currey, owner of Western River Expeditions, came out to Micronesia last June to check the place out for possibilities. Apparently he found them here in the Marshalls, for in the past two months these far-flung atolls have been host to two tours arranged by Western River Expeditions — trips that feature an eight-day outer island experience with transportation provided on special “J Rig” inflatable boats. According to Ross Catron, an employee of the tour company, everything is going smoothly and a few bugs that developed during the beginning of the program have been ironed out. The major problem the tour operators experienced was negotiating Rita Pass in Majuro in rough seas. “Now we take the long way out through the big pass,” said Ross. Three more tours are planned this year.

Journal 2/15/1991

P1 Report: Man causing Majuro erosion Armoring the upper beach of Majuro Atoll is the only alternative that holds promise for immediate and long term halting of the atoll’s shoreline erosion, according to a Duke University paper recently prepared for the RMI EPA. “The shoreline erosion and land loss problem is affected by a number of factors, some major, some minor, and most man-related,” states the report.

P1 Ebeye women draft letter to president Over 500 Ebeye women have written to President Amata Kabua seeking assistance in overcoming what they claim is an epidemic of suicides due to lax and improper enforcement of drinking regulations. They feel that recent legislation pass by Nitijela is the root source of the problem. PL1990-78, in effect, voided a stiff Ebeye ordinance, which severely restricted access to alcohol by persons under 21. In the period October to December, seven young men attempted suicide. Six died. Of the seven, six were drunk at the time.

P6 Z Tuna proposes cannery for RMI The Marshall Islands has received a second preliminary proposal for building a cannery on Majuro, according to Marshall Islands Development Authority’s Jim Broom. He said this is a serious proposal which could employ up to 500 people and halide 300 tons a day. Under the scheme, 13 purse seiners would operate out of Majuro.

Journal 2/18/2000

P1 Senko tipped, new US ambassador for RMI …The little Russian’s eyes were ablaze with anger and insult. And Mike Senko, the quiet American posted to the sultry diplomatic outback of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, suddenly found reason to congratulate himself. He finally scored a point. This was going to be an interesting evening…” —Excerpt from The Short, Happy Life of the Socialist Republic of the Marshall Islands. Michael J. Senko is to be nominated by President Bill Clinton to be the next US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands, replacing Ambassador Joan Plaisted. Senko was the first US State Department liaison officer placed in the Marshall Islands in the final days of the US administration in the lead up to implementation of the Compact in 1986.

P3 Ruben calls for mother’s day holiday The Nitijela is considering adding a new government holiday in honor of mothers to be called “Jined Ilo Kobo Day” and be celebrated on March 8. It would increase the number of national holidays that the RMI marks to 11. The bill was introduced by Ailinglaplap Senator Ruben Zackhras.

P6 Quotable “It’s fun being here, getting legislation introduced and passed. It’s fun meeting with all the visitors from around the world coming to Majuro. But it’s not so much fun when I was handed a past due bill for over $400,000 for parties and entertaining at the Outrigger (from the previous administration).” —Foreign Minister Alvin Jacklick on his new job.

P16 Public school performance on High School Entrance Test 1993-1999 1. Likiep, 77 of 94 tested admitted; 2. Mejit, 41 of 68 tested admitted; 3. Tobal (Aur), 27 of 46 tested admitted; 4. Ajeltake, 84 of 153 tested admitted; 5. Melang (Likiep), nine of 14 tested admitted.

P18 Catholic schools recognized Australia Ambassador Tim Cole presented small grants to the Maryknoll Sisters for outer islands school projects and to Canoes of the Marshall Islands during his visit. Cole commended the Maryknoll Sisters for their superb education program, noting that they were recognized by the Ministry of Education for operating the best outer island elementary school (Likiep).