Silver and Gold are found at Majuro Hospital

Journal 1/2/1981

P1 Election case dismissed on jurisdiction Finding the 1979 Mili Atoll election flawed, TT High Court Chief Justice Harold W. Burnett nevertheless found that his court lacks jurisdiction to act in the election case. Thus Judge Burnett dismissed the case of Chuji Chutaro vs. Election Commissioner and Alee Alik. Burnett said there is no statutory basis for the court to become involved in an election case and cited cases from Palau.

P2 Kabilak doing charter work Robert Reimers ship, MV Kabilak, left Majuro today for Kili, with a brief stop in Jaluit to unload passengers and goods. P2 (Ad) Airline of the Marshall Islands “Linking Majuro and Ailinglaplap, Kwajalein, Maloelap, Utrik, Enewetak, Likiep, Mejit and Wotje.” Operates Nomad twin turbo-prop aircraft.

Journal 1/1/1993

P1 Silver/Gold found in Majuro What would the Christmas Season be without a Christmas story? We’ve got a beauty. In fact, make that two beauties. December 23, a young Arno woman, blown up to extraordinary proportions, gets forced out of her quarters and is driven hastily to the sanitized inner sanctum of Majuro hospital where, after the appropriate throes, two infants, baby girls, are born. The young mother, totally without resources or even close family members on hand, is distraught. It is on this same date and approximately the same time that Nika Wase is at the hospital visiting a patient. Word is out in the corridors of a set of twins, just born, but not even the promise of a pamper between them, not a baby blanket to share. Touched, Nika advances on the situation, takes a quick stock, and goes out to use her own money to provide the immediate needs of the two infants. That’s the pocket of silver. A short while later, she visits the young mother, and the young mom is crying with gratitude. She asks Nika if she could take the infants. Nika is overcome. “Of course,” says Nika. That’s the heart of gold. So Nika and Danny Wase now have two additional children along with their own two, a reason for joy at Christmas. And the two little girls are named Silver and Gold.

P17 Majuro longliners Two of the locally owned fishing boats, Latitude 7 and Capt. Peter, at rest in between fishing trips in waters around the Marshalls. Thirteen longliners are now based in Majuro, with the Asian Development Bank preparing to fund construction of an additional seven. Meanwhile, at dockside, fishing base crews unload yellowfin tuna by the hundreds from the holds of docked longliners. The fish are transported by AMI to Hawaii.

Journal 1/2/2004

P2 ROC group keen to build Majuro dry dock A Taiwan ship building company wants to establish a dry dock in Majuro, but a suitable shoreside area has not been located. Ching Fu Ship Building Company in Taiwan is keen to locate a dry dock capable of handling purse seiners and other vessels.

P3 Benjamin holds two recounts The Electoral Office will hold recounts for one Nitijela and one mayoral race later this week. But Chief Electoral Officer Hemly Benjamin rejected five Nitijela recount petitions and two council recount petitions. Ailinglaplap’s Nitijela contest between incumbent Chris Loeak and Katzuo Katjang — which is presently tied — will be recounted, as will the Namdrik mayor’s race, which resulted in a one-vote win for Amos McQuinn over incumbent Walsor Clement.