Strong women (and men) eye Games

RMI Weightlifting team member Niiti Atantaake is among a group of athletes in Laura who are working out in anticipation of the Micronesian Games in Majuro in 2022. Photo: Eve Burns.


Here’s to the team in the Marshall Islands that never burns out and didn’t die out. The RMI weightlifting team always brings in medals from any international competition they compete in, even as the weightlifting team adds new faces from year to year.

For the upcoming Micronesian Games, weightlifting got ahead of every other sport and has started training new weightlifters in preparation for the 2022 games in Majuro.

There are two teams currently training on Majuro, one in Laura and one in town, where they recently obtained a space to use as a gym to train across from Flame Tree in Delap.

Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee Secretary General Terry Sasser is training the team in Laura and always keeps an eye out for talented athletes. He and others on the NOC have been recruiting not only for weightlifting but for other sports as well as keeping the weightlifting team strong and ready.


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