Students get ROC-RMI ‘bonus’

President David Kabua and Taiwan Ambassador Jeffrey Hsiao, back center, joined with students at the Taiwan–RMI Presidents’ Scholarship Fund awards ceremony at the Marshall Islands Resort October 30.

President David Kabua congratulated 75 students and teachers at the second award ceremony for the Taiwan–RMI Presidents’ Scholarship Fund held last Friday at the Marshall Islands Resort.

The Fund is a joint effort of the two countries to offer an incentive to honor students from both public and private schools and in-service teachers who have demonstrated outstanding achievement. In addition to President Kabua, the award ceremony was also attended by Education Minister Kitlang Kabua and ROC Ambassador Jeffrey Hsiao.

Education Kabua praised the awardees and acknowledged the support and contribution from the families, teachers, and communities toward the students’ academic success.
She conveyed appreciation to Taiwan, through Ambassador Hsiao, for partnering with the RMI towards education development.

“This continued support to our primary, secondary, and tertiary students will have far-reaching impacts on the future of the recipients,” she said.

Ambassador Hsiao quoted President Kabua’s statement delivered during the Nitijela in August this year: “Education is the vehicle that provides us with national pride, social progress, economic development and prosperity to any nation. The government embraces the responsibility to improve the standard of education.”

Ambassador Hsiao highlighted that investments in education are one of the most worthwhile decisions that any government can make and “by supporting the education of RMI’s best and brightest students, Taiwan is also contributing to RMI’s social and economic development.”

Forty students from grade one to eight were awarded $300 each. Twenty from grade nine to 12 were awarded $500 each. Ten college students were awarded$1,000 and five in-service training teachers were awarded $2,000 each.


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