Students on Food Strike

Journal 3/9/1984

P1 Dr. John turns 60 A celebration of Dr. John Iaman’s 60th birthday was the key party here in Majuro this past weekend — fitting tribute to the man who has spent his life doctoring and caring for countless ills and problems of the people who have come to love and respect him. The party was played at the Lanai and six large pigs were baked in the ground for the event.

P1 Bikinians still oppose Compact A 15-man delegation of Bikini/Kili islanders is traveling to Washington, DC to lobby for, among other things, add-ons to the Compact of Free Association presently under consideration by the US Congress. The group’s liaison officer Ralph Waltz explained that 90 percent of the Bikini/Kili voters were against the Compact.

P9 Laura power soon Nine Group has started hanging the new copper electrical wire to connect Laura’s power. March 6 they started from the pump station near the airport and are working back to the power plant.

P11 Food strike 193 students at Jaluit High School went on strike last Friday because of problems with their feeding program. They returned to class Monday but the cafeteria is still being boycotted.

Journal 3/15/1996

P1 Scam! Despite claims that homes built to replace those damaged by Typhoon Gay would be “typhoon proof,” they turned out to not even be rain-proof. Jang Maloealap resident Arsen Anni says he was cheated by the contractor who built his typhoon replacement house that is now falling apart. He called them “biscuit houses” that dissolve in rain.

P5 Missed out The Marshall Islands sure missed out on medical training opportunities. The Pohnpei medical officers school, which is run by the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine, has been turning out graduates since 1992. To date, 45 Micronesian and American Samoan physicians have been trained by this school, but fewer than 1 percent (just three doctors) are from the Marshalls. Their latest graduation included Zachraias Zachraias who is the third Marshallese to graduate from the school.

P17 Cleanup on Bikini The Bikinians marked their 50th anniversary of being away from home this week and the celebration was decidedly upbeat — as nuclear cleanup and scuba diving plans are swinging into action this year. 

P18 High Court throws out cases The High Court dismissed all three election challenges, clearing the way for the installation of three senators whose seats had been contested. This week, Speaker Kessai Note swore in new Mili Senator Tadashi Lometo, Mejuit Senator Helkena Anni and Jaluit Senator Rien Morris.

Journal 3/16/2007

P1 Bikin Day A VIP-studded team visited Kili last Friday for the Bikini Day ceremony. At the airport arrival of an AMI flight, Mosen Lewis and Jedrik Leviticus greeted Rev. Jude Samson and Senator Tomai Juda. Ither VIPs included President Kessai Note, US Ambassador Clyde Bishop, and Mayor Eldon Note.

P32 Fish impact Local businessman Neal Skinner, anticipating the impact of the soon-to-open loining plant in Delap, told this week’s Chamber of Commerce meeting that when the PMOP loining plant was operating, it injected $144,000 into the local economy every two weeks.


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