Suicide rate has gone up

TW-pic-7-29Journal 7/30/1976

P1 Nauru shot Key members of the Marshalls Political Status Commission went to Nauru this past week at the invitation of Nauru President Hammer De Roburt to be present on island while the South Pacific Forum conducted a meeting. While it is understood the Marshallese representatives will not be participating officially int he meetings (SPF membership is open only to independent nations in the area), MPSC presence on the island is considered significant in light of increasing indications that the Marshalls are brinking on a political status alternative separate from the other districts remaining in the present Trust Territory umbrella. Meantime, earlier this month the MPSC representatives presented their case before the United Nations Trusteeship Council: Lawyer Jonathan Weisgall, Vice Chairman Tony deBrum, lawyer George Allen, Representative Ataji Balos and Jina Lavin.

P9 A gift The Hawaii-based Micronesian Support Committee has sent a check for $50 to Hans Wiliander of Truk to be used for typhoon relief. In a letter to Truk District Legislature Speaker, the donors indicated that the $50 was to be relayed to the Typhoon Relief Committee.

Journal 8/2/1991

P1 A bleak perspective John MacDonald, US Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education expressed shock and disgust today during a tour of Uliga elementary school. He was participating in the Pacific Regional Educators Laboratory Conference. He was accompanied on his tour of the schools by Secretary of Education Marie Maddison and College of the Marshall Islands President Hilda Hiene-Jetnil. MacDonald found conditions inside the undersized plywood structure to be terrible conditions for kids” or teachers to endure.

P3 Suicide attempts up After an all-time high of 22 completed suicides in 1987, the numbers dropped off to 11 and 12 in 1988 and 1989, respectively. This led some researchers to believe that the problem that has plagued the Marshalls — and all of Micronesia — since the 1960s might at last be coming under control. But suicides leaped against last year to at least 17.

P19 Nationwide blood screening campaign A massive nationwide blood screening campaign is scheduled to begin the first week of September. Acording to Dr. Neal Palafox, medical director for preventive health, there are the campaign will help to drive down the rate of sexually transmitted diseases by identifying those persons infected and treating them.

Journal 8/4/2000

P16 Micronesia battles it out If there’s one thing about all the jammin’ that’s been going down at the ECC for Outrigger’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament 2000, it’s that the competition is hot and close. There’s not a whole lot between the teams. Kiribati women edged Yap, 50-46, Pohnpei’s guys squeaked in a win over Kosrae, 71-70, while RMI’s women beat Chuuk, 61-48. The enormous crowds turning up to watch the action have surprised even the organizers of the OMBT 2000. One Majuro local who’s been enjoying some of the jammin’ action is President Kessai Note, who twice during the tournament has tanked a free throw, bringing cheers from the crowd. Also managing to sink a ball was 15-year-old Nerthea Milne. Unlike the President, lucky Nerthea won $500 from the Marshalls Energy Company for her successful shot.

P24 Are you aware THAT the prestigious travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, included Bikini atoll in their current list of the “Top 50 Worldwide Island Escapes” and the reason was, “there are not many places that could look more like the Garden of Eden”?