MIMA gets down to business

The Marshall Islands Mayors Association launched its 28th annual conference Monday at the International Conference Center Of the 24 local governments assembled at the opening, four were a “no show.” They are: Wotho, Namdrik, Rongelap and Arno.The first week featured multiple speakers from different entities in the Majuro, including key donors from the Republic of […]

Betel nut up in smoke

HILARY HOSIA Marshall Islands National Police burned a large stock of betel nut Tuesday confiscated from stores around Majuro following a series of raids of local businesses initiated three weeks ago. Law enforcement authorities said the contraband was collected from businesses stretching from Laura to the end of the island in Rita. The national law […]

Boat accident causes man’s death

Boat accident causes man’s death

HILARY HOSIA and KELLY LORENNIJ High tides flooded homes and roads in Rairok, a power outage covered Majuro in darkness, and a small community boat crashed in Delap — all on Wednesday evening. Public Works was quick to clear rock and sand-ridden roads and the outage only lasted an hour or so. The vessel incident, […]