TB a health emergency

Front pages from 1986, 1998, and 2009.

Journal 12/12/1986

P1 RepMar slices big budget
The biggest budget ever for the Marshall Islands was introduced into the Nitijela last Wednesday, but major program cuts in nearly every ministry forced repeated delays in Nitijela consideration of the final package as ministers battled for every dollar in the $126,136,800 budget. The Compact is providing $41 million, special federal grants total $16.1 million, and domestic revenues are expected to account for $66.7 million, of which a bond issue will account for $53.7 million.

P1 RepMar seeks ‘Chinese connection’
President Amata Kabua spent more than two hours Friday briefing the Majuro Chamber of Commerce on his recent trip to Asia and plans of the government to turn over certain government services to the private sector.

P4 Grey-beards
I really liked the Marshall Islands High School newspaper, Focus. An article written by Camilla Lanke was an interview with Jack Maykoski about 20 years of Peace Corps in the Marshalls. She listed three grey-beards: Joe (Murphy), Al (Fowler) and Bill (Graham). Sure they were some of the first but the list is much longer. A few more of the over-the-hill gang are Troy Barker, the advisor to the Focus newspaper, Earlie Watley, a teacher at MIHS, and Pete Oliver who was the principal at the high school up to this year. I wonder if they were left off the grey-beards on purpose. Anyway, here is a complete list of the old timers on island, this is the Peace Corps guys: Dan Konou Smith, Ralph Bako Waltz, Denis McFarland teaching in Jaluit, Tom Getty, Mike Trevor, Jerry Knight at the museum, Joe Rudolph and Jerry Bennett at Education and Carlton Hawpe. Talking about old timers that have been around a long time had a bunch of the guys reminiscing and I came up with the rest of the “piece corps.” Real bluebloods are Jerry Kramer, Kirt Pinho, Ben Barry, Noel Bigler, Greaserack, George Allen,Tony Nagel, Catalog Wally, Radio Brian, Mike Nolan, OK Davis, Abernathy, and honorary old timers Dennis McBreen and Rodger Kotting. —Grant Gordon

Journal 12/11/1998

P4 Kabua to Clinton
In preparation for the start of formal negotiations in early 1999 for a renewed Compact of Free Association with the United States, President Imata Kabua has officially nominated Foreign Minister Phillip Muller to head the delegation from the Marshall Islands. In a letter to US President Bill Clinton, President Kabua named Muller.

P16 Slattebo designs new one-person mono-foil
Former Air Marshall Islands general manager John Slattebo is back in the news — but this time he’s on the ocean not in the air. Slattebo and partner Greg Gilholm are about to start producing a unique “mono-foil” boat that combines the best features of an outrigger, a kayak and a windsurfer. Slattebo’s wife, who is from the Marshall Islands, is amused by her husband’s boat-building project and isn’t shy to let him know that she thinks Marshallese know a thing or two about boat-building. “We’ve been sailing outriggers for 3,000 years and you think you’ve got a better idea,” she said.

Journal 12/11/2009

P4 CDC: An emergency
The increasing number of drug-resistant cases of TB in the Marshall Islands is a “public health emergency,” an official with the US Centers for Disease Control said this week. Six patients have been confirmed with multi-drug resistant TB.

P7 CMI survey sees violence
A survey of College of the Marshalls students found that nearly half said they had experienced physical violence, while about 23 percent said they had suffered sexual violence.

P10 Students contribute to world record
Marshall Islands High School students helped to set a world record earlier this week. After being contacted by the Starbucks/RED World Event Project, Tamara Greenstone and Dr. Irene Taafaki of USP invited Marshall Islands Choir Director Malaelupe Samifua and his students to sing in a simultaneous, live performance of the legendary Beatles hit “All you need is love” as part of a single global concert. At 1:30am Tuesday choir members gathered in a small video room at the USP Campus and sang their hearts out along with people from all over the world.


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