Teens win MBC awards

Journal 7/6/1982

P1 Kwajalein occupation continues The Kwajalein landowners occupying Kwajalein and other islands that are part of the Kwajalein Missile Range have increased, according to Senator Ataji Balos and other leaders. Kwajalein Atoll Corporation leaders say the protest sail-in is far from over. They say they don’t see any end to the dispute unless and until the landowners’ demands are met by the government.

P1 New plane for AMI People know it was coming but few expected it to fly past so quietly and quickly. It was the BAC 748 airplane which is on loan to Air Marshall Islands until its own is completed in December.

Journal 7/8/1994

P1 Anglers smash marlin record A team of anglers from Kiribati, who braved a 300-mile open ocean trip to reach Majuro last week, caught a record-setting 439-pound Pacific blue marlin to win the Marshalls Billfish Club’s 12th annual July fishing tournament in Majuro over the weeks. The Betio Gamefish Club, headed by Normal Lieven and captained by Tom Murdoch, motored triumphantly into the Majuro dock late Saturday, just one hour before the tourney’s end on the second and final day of fishing with their catch that broke the July tourney record for marlin by 22 pounds. Teenagers dominated the MBC’s award ceremony Monday night, winning the two top awards given by the club after the July tournament. Fourteen-year-old Ben Reimers won the coveted Atjang Paul Memorial Trophy for single-handedly captaining the Mobil team’s boat to victory in one category and an overall fine fishing performance. Sixteen-year-old Bwiji Aliven won the prestigious President’s Cup this year by knocking off perennial champion Baron Bigler with an incredible one-day fishing haul of 854 pounds of qualifying marlin and yellowfin tuna.

P22 Significant improvements made on Enewetak Where has the education system greatly improved, child malnutrition been virtually eliminated, and advances made in local food production? None other than Enewetak Atoll, to which attorney Davor Pevec greatly credits Senator Ismael John, Mayor Neptali Peter, and the Enewetak/Ujelang Local Government. According to Pevec, who represents the people of Enewetak, Enewetak is the only Marshallese community to show progress as a result of education, health and agriculture initiatives taken by its leaders.

Journal 7/8/2005 

P10 New hat for David And you thought that all David Kramer knew how to do was organize construction crews to pave roads, put up three-story buildings, etc. So think again. David, in partnership with Fredrick Langmoir, launched Majuro’s newest FM radio station, FM 102.5, last Friday.

P10 Happy kids Uliga children are carrying bigger smiles this week thanks to Uliga business EZ Price Mart and its donation of a play center. The jungle gym was unveiled last week during an Uliga Community Action group meeting at the new Youth to Youth in Health community center by EZ Price Mart owner Neal Skinner who says that the play center was built locally. The play center is located at the Uliga Sports Park across from Uliga Elementary School for all kids to enjoy.

P15 Kirtake’s Cup Another 316 pounds of fishy flesh and Bwiji Aliven would have had him. But it was not to be and on Saturday, champion fisherman Capt. Ronnie Reimers just squeaked in to take the prestigious President’s Cup for the sixth time in his illustrious fishing career.

P32 Tasty fish Costco store in Honolulu is selling a produce labeled “wild ahi tuna from the Mashall Islands, processed in the US” that’s selling for $9.99 a pound and seems to be selling very well, according to Majuro attorney David Strauss.