Thinking about Christmas past

Churches are where the action is on Christmas Day in the Marshall Islands. Uliga Protestant Church, pictured here, was a venue for lively dancing by many different jebtas. The Christmas celebration gave the younger generation a chance to show off their unique dancing styles. Photos: Hilary Hosia.

Bye bye to plastic bags full of candies. I remember as a kid going home with a plastic bag full of candies from church on Christmas Day.

I remember sitting on the church floor, one littered with candy wrappers of all sorts. I remember making the hard decision to leave my space knowing full well I would have to fight my way back in when I return. Gone are those days, when the church is the hardest place to get into on Christmas Day. Unless you are a VIP or family of the pastor, good luck getting a spot.

Gone are the days when jebtas would last until four in the morning with no wait time in between, except for lunch break.

Gone are those days. Today, jebtas church hop throughout the day and at times with little coordination that results in wait-gaps between jebtas.
And if you’re lucky, you can go home with some candy in your left pocket.

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