Time to rock the block

Solomon Islands music star Rosie Delmah, right, with Jabubu (center) and Zeah. The group will be performing at the Majuro Block Party December 31. Photo: Yale Jilo Kramer.


“Shy” is not a word that I would attach to Solomon Islands music star Rosie Delmah from watching her concert and YouTube performances — and soon to be live on stage in Majuro at the Block Party next week.

Still, this was the advice offered before I met up with the globally popular singer for an interview at the Marshall Islands Resort this past weekend. “She’s kind of shy,” was the friendly warning.

Rosie might be a tad shy on first meet and greet. But you’d be hard-pressed to work that out from her music videos, particularly more recent ones including covers of “Shy guy,” filmed in Noumea earlier this year, and the Six9Too Productions made-in-Majuro cover of “If you gonna lie” — both of which are on YouTube.

From her explosion on the international music scene in 2016 with her cover rendition of Adele’s “Hello” in duet with Jamaican reggae star Conkarah, to a multi-country tour, including Australia and New Zealand, earlier this year, Rosie has a global fan base of millions.

“When I sing, I’m another person,” Rosie said matter-of-factly in our interview at the Marshall Islands Resort last weekend. She’s soft-spoken and thoughtful in her answers, talking animatedly about how she got her start singing and her family’s support for her burgeoning music career.

There is no denying that this 19-year-old has had to grow up fast with the multiple artistic, business and recording demands of the music industry. She’s also found a second home in Majuro with music entrepreneur Daniel Kramer and his Six9Too Productions outfit.
“My first visit here (in 2017), I fell in love with the Marshall Islands,” Rosie said. “The people here are so nice to me.” She headlined Six9Too Productions Spring Break Beach Bash in Laura in April 2017 — and has visited Majuro several times since.

Her close relationship with the Marshall Islands prompted her to decline invitations to sing at two international shows so she could perform at next week Tuesday night’s Majuro Block Party, where she will join Zeah and Jabubu on the big stage.

She is also here working on music collaborations with Zeah (Isaiah Kramer), Baka Solomon and other musicians at Six9Too Productions, which continues to build its reputation as a Pacific island music powerhouse.

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