Tons of tuna fly overseas

Journal 12/17/1981

P1 $4 Billion Radiation victims sue laboratories: More than 4,000 Marshall Islanders have file a $4 billion suit against several nuclear science and weapons laboratories, claiming they were negligent in caring for the islanders during nuclear tests in the 1950s, according to a UPI story in the Pacific Daily News. The suit was field December 3 in Superior Court in Los Angeles.

P2 Dwight not running Former Consultant to the High Commissioner of the Trust Territory Dwight Heine, who is retired and resides in Majuro, has been selected by the Ebon people to be the chairman of the committee that is reviewing the Ebon constitution. Botlang Loeak was selected vice chairman.  Meanwhile Heine denied rumors that he may be running for the Namdrik seat at Nitijela.

P8 Hydroponic farming proving to be successful Jim and Sepe Duffy are one couple who’ve gone out and done what most people just talk about — planting crops and selling them. On a small piece of land that they leased from Iroij Mo Jitiam, the Duffys have made a two unit, 100 foot by 26 foot hydroponic garden just outside their house. They started it in 1974.

Journal 12/17/1993

P3 Econ-boom to hit RMI Government business initiatives are coming together all at once. In the last few days, the government has signed agreements to get the stalled Nauru Eastern Gateway Hotel construction back on track, for the first joint venture with China for a garment factory, and to bring scores of Chinese longline fishing vessels to Majuro. “1994  is going to be a high year for us,” Acting President Phillip Muller told The Journal. “A lot of business activities will be coming in the next year. We’re not dreaming any more.”

P3 Tons of Tuna Majuro fish base workers hefted yellowfin tuna from one of the locally based longliners onto pallets for transfer to be cleaned, packed, and readied for export. More than 700,000 lb. of tuna has been shipped via Air Marshall Islands to foreign markets.

P11 A Saab story: AMI send 2 to Sweden Two Air Marshall Islands mechanics are in Sweden for an eight-month training with Saab Aircraft in preparation for the arrival of the Saab 2000 jet props in 1994. The two, Les Andrike and Francis Lejjena, were featured in a recent edition of Saab’s company newsletter.

Journal 12/17/2004

P3 Cocaine bust fizzles under Ingram’s gavel Cocaine charges against Ebeye islander Abon Jeadrik were dismissed last week by Chief Justice Carl Ingram who also ordered that the $1,000 bail Jeadrik had posted be given back.

P6 USAKA inspectors visit Majuro businesses A team of food inspectors from United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) were in town recently for the second site visit to the Marshall Islands Fishing Venture plant, Laura farm and Pacific Pure Water. The team was on island for two days conducting courtesy visits at various locations.

P12 Nation in tune on tuna: Pohnpei agency finally established With remarkably little argument or rancor, Pacific island countries and fishing nations throughout Asia and the United States agreed last week in Pohnpei on recommendations that will govern the launch of the region’s first fisheries agency to manage and monitor tuna fishing on the high seas.