Treatment for diabetics

Front pages from 1987, 1999, and 2010.

Journal 3/27/1987

P1 Women key to upbeat Ebeye school look
When I talked with Ebeye Elementary School Principal Johannes Elaisha two years ago on Ebeye about the education system there he said bluntly: “There isn’t anything good about education on Ebeye.” Last month when I visited the island he gave a very different — and quite optimistic — appraisal of the situation. Part of the renewed optimism comes from the nearly completed eight classroom building. But while the new building is giving staff a morale boost, Elaisha gives the n newly active PTA credit for helping improve the situation. A big change in the membership of the PTA at the last election resulted in an all-female PTA.

P6 Domnick sees Marshalls flexing diplomatic muscle
In a wide-ranging interview, Foreign Minister Charles Domnick commented on the US refusal to adopt the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty, trade relations with China, and other topics involving Marshalls’ diplomatic and economic ties with the US and Asia. “Now that we’ve become a member of the world community, we want the benefits,” he said.

P11 Coop students enjoy Majuro “Maid” milk
Majuro Coop School is the only school on island that is getting mil from the Pacific Daily Milk Factory in Majuro. Principal Frank Cabral is enthusiastic about this milk program and said that it is for the benefit of the students’ health.

P20 Jiba new Foreign Secretary
The Marshall Islands new Foreign Secretary is Jiba Kabua. The move had been discussed late last year, a short time after Kabua returned to Majuro from a two-year stint as RepMar Liaison to the Kwajalein missile range. Kabua replaces Steve Muller, who was named director of the recently established

Journal 3/26/1999

P1 Copra production dives
Copra production in the Marshall Islands has declined dramatically during the past 12 months because of sporadic shipping service and the impact of the El Niño-cased drought. Tobolar Copra Processing Authority figures show that for the year ending February, copra production is down 37 percent compared to the same period for 1997-1998. Copra tonnage for the past 12 months dropped to 3,895 tons compared to the three previous years where copra tonnage was above 6,000 tons.

Journal 3/26/2010

P3 Passport numbers high
An average of more than 30 people are gaining their citizenship every year through Constitutionally-allowed provisions, according to government statistics. While the government shut down passport sales in 1996, there has been a steady flow of people gaining citizenship through the relatively easy provisions prescribed by the RMI Constitution and Nitijela laws. Non-Marshjallese are able to obtain citizenship through the High Court, through the Cabinet’s “public benefit” authority, and through the Attorney General’s office “naturalization” authority. In the five years from 2005 to 2009, 115 cases were filed in the High Court seeking citizenship for 150 individuals. Only three petitions involving four people were rejected, while 85 cases for 111 people were approved for citizenship.

P4 WASC praises Majuro Coop
Following on the heels of Marshall Islands High School attaining its three-year accreditation term from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, both Majuro Cooperative School and Assumption Schools underwent their own WASC visits and received stellar reviews. WASC team member Betty Mow put it bluntly, saying Coop Schools has “very few areas of need” and highlights that the school’s structure “supports quality education.”

P5 Hospital healing machine
Much excitement is coming from Majuro hospital as they save diabetics from losing a foot or leg by using the fully operational hyperbaric chamber — a new lease on life free from amputation. “I could not feel anything in my foot,” said Jiblok Lang of his levelly infected foot last month. But after two weeks of treatment in the chamber, “I can feel my foot again.”


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