Truk teachers back to school

tw-pic-9-9Journal 9/16/1977

P1 Shark bites teacher Taodoro Romolor was bitten by a shark near Agrihan, about 250 miles north of Saipan, according to Pacific Daily News. He was flown to Guam by Navy helicopter where he underwent emergency surgery on his left arm. A hospital spokesman said his arm will not be lost. Romolor is Agrihan’s only teacher.

P2 $6.7 million for TT projects The US government’s Economic Development Administration plans to give $6.7 million to the Trust Territory for 25 infrastructure-relate projects. The Marshalls portion is $819,991 for water storage.

P9 Truk teachers back to school Sixty-seven teachers in Truk district who lost their jobs are back at work. Truk Education Director Chutomu Nimwes said the district administrator was able to locate money from all the district allocations. The 67 teachers recently lost their jobs because the Truk education department did not have “enough money” to compensate teachers.

Journal 9/13/1991

P1 Open for business The Guinness World Book of Records, according to Grant Gordon, includes an entry that states the world record for fast completion of a 36,000 square foot building is held by a Mr. Lee of S. Korea. The building was completed in 11 months, 12 days. He makes this point as he sits over a cup of coffee in the construction office at MAKO Inc. down in Delap. In the background, dominating the skyline, is another Korean-built edifice, the Majuro central Building. It’s a distraction to look at, such a hustle of last-minute priming as the workforce readies for the grand opening. “The building we just put up here is the same type of structure only we have two elevators and Mr. Lee’s had one. And ours is 38,000 square feet — and built in si months, 12 days, adds Grant. Welcome to the Guinness World Book of Records, Majuro.

P4 Shaka Zulu at MIC Monday night saw the first live appearance of the popular Ebeye band Shaka Zulu at the Marshall Islands Club. There was a nice crowd of “older types” (we say this because some of the “younger types” complained there were too many older people there — older being anyone over 22). These Ebeye guys are really professional and draw a good crowd. Earlier they played at the Pub and Lanai.

P8 Jackpot winners Helly Kajeong and Ramsey Reimers received checks at the Marshalls Billfish Club tourney Saturday. Helly had the biggest billfish of the jackpot derby, while Ramsey brought in the biggest tuna.

P10 Ministry transfers Woja and Laura schools to MALGov Minister of Education Phillip Muller transferred control over Woja and Laura elementary schools to the Majuro Atoll Local Government in a ceremony held at the offices of Mayor Amatlain Kabua. The transfer is another step in the ministry’s “community-based governance” policy of encouraging members of local communities to become more involved in the operation of the schools.

Journal 9/15/2000

P3 Official request for more compensation The Marshall Islands officially appealed to the US Congress Tuesday this week to consider increasing its nuclear test compensation and medical coverage to address ongoing and expanding health and environmental problems resulting from the 67 American nuclear tests.

P9 Sad farewell to Bikini’s Balos Flags throughout the Marshall Islands were lowered to half-mast Monday in honor of Bikini Senator Henchi Balos who died Sunday morning in Majuro following an automobile accident.  The 54-year-old senator had been Bikini’s first and only senator in parliament since constitution government was established 21 years ago.