Tuna fees pass $2 million

Journal 5/22/1981

P3 Micro Palm to go to Fiji again Deputy Attorney General Carl Ingram and Secretary Ywao Elanzo of Transportation and Communications left Majuro May 20 on Air Nauru for Suva, Fiji. While in Fiji, they will meet and negotiate with officials of Carpenter Ltd. and Bish concerning the dry docking of the MS Micro Chief and Micro Palm. The Palm, which was recently repaired in Fiji by Carpenter, has to be re-dry docked because of damage caused to her rudder and shaft when she hit the reef in Jaluit atoll during her recent trip to the southern islands. The Micro Chief has been tied up in Majuro close to a year because of engine trouble.

Journal 5/21/1993

P3 Community raises $170,000 for Assumption building Four years of bake sales, raffles, carnivals, international nights and business donations have produced the capital to launch the new Fr. Hacker Hall at Assumption Elementary School. Fr. Hacker and Fr. Jim Gould were on hand to shovel dirt to officially kick off construction of the new two-story classroom.

P5 Mejatto surveyors Rongelapese living on Mejatto were trained last week to conduct a diet study to determine amounts of radiation people would receive if they move back home. South Pacific Commission nutritionist Cecily Dignan and scientist Bernd Franke supervised the training. The surveyors are Ruton Joel, Kirenwit Anjain, Aise Jilej, Jakkein Anjain, Nora Tokek, Leo Boas, James Matayoshi, Nikitimus Antak and Abacca Anjain.

P6 PRC to lease RMI farms A four-member Chinese delegation concluded agriculture talks with Marshall Islands officials this week and both parties signed a letter of intent regarding the operation of three farms in Laura. Justin deBrum, general manager of the Marshall Islands Development Authorioty, and Chen Gengii, general manager of the International Cooperation Company for Agriculture and Livestock of Guangdong Province, signed the agreement.

P13 Revenues from tuna fees pass $2 million Revenue from Japanese longliners fishing in Marshall Islands waters have almost doubled in the last year. And the Australian patrol vessel Lomor is being given partial credit for increasing the number of boats registering and paying fees. “One reason for the increase is the fishermen know that we have a patrol boat in our waters,” said MIMRA Director Danny Wase. Since the mid-1980s, the Marshalls has averaged slightly over $1 million annually in revenues from an agreement with Japanese fishing boats.

P22 Hot basketball action Continental Micronesia Invitational Basketball Tournament host Golden Jets, beaten in the third round, came back by knocking off Brand-X to go into the finals against the upstart Rita Hawks Wednesday night. The eight team double elimination tournament drew sizable crowds at the MIHS gym as the best teams in Majuro were put to the test.

Journal 5/21/2004

P1 People on the move in Majuro Majuro was abuzz with job switches this week: Alan Fowler has resigned from the National Telecommunications Authority to take up a post with the Interior Department, Dan Fitzpatrick has taken over at Air Marshall Islands replacing Norm Splitstoesser who has moved to the Directive of Civil Aviation, RRE’s Jessica Reimers and EZ Price manager Liz Rodick are leaving town, MIVA has Dolores deBrum-Kattil as its new boss, and a question mark looms over who will head the new merged ports authority.

P22 Hot competition The May Day bowling tournament was one of the more hotly contested competitions on island. First and second place winners in the men’s singles were Brenson Wase and Jimmy Santos. Winners of the mixed doubles were Maria and Danny Padre.