Two die in Majuro accident

Two people lost their lives in this one car collision with a coconut tree in the Rairok area of Majuro. It occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


There have been at least four vehicle accidents in a span of a week in Majuro, one of which claimed the lives of a young couple over the weekend.

A Rairok family was awakened following a loud boom in the early hours of Saturday. What they saw was a sedan car smashed against a coconut tree near the residence of Aur Parliament Member Hilda Heine.

The family then called for help. Both airbags in the vehicle were deployed upon impact with one rear tire blown off.

Before the Journal went to press Wednesday, both the Majuro Atoll Local Government and Marshall Islands Police Department were actively working on the Rairok incident.

Another incident took place in Ajeltake over the weekend. No one was hurt in the accident.

“We are still conducting our investigation,” a Majuro local police told the Journal following the a two car crash near the bridge Sunday.

Then on Wednesday, a woman lost control of her steering wheel and drove inside the laundromat in Batkan. Witnesses in the store said the woman was just in the store buying stuff before crashing into the inside of the laundry. The store clerk said the woman struck another vehicle before crashing into the store and smashed the water dispenser.

“Luckily we were far away from where she came in,” a laundry customer told the Journal.


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