UB gets pat on the back

Upward Bound seniors joined with UB staff and tutors to celebrate a great four years with the program and to present this framed mat. Photo: Wilmer Joel .


As a team reaches the peak of a mountain, they have conquered the mountain and can move forward to the next challenge. But will never forget the steps it took to reach the top.

After four years of attending Upward Bound (UB), the seniors and their parents held a farewell party for the last time with UB staff and tutors at the old library of the College of the Marshall Islands. The event was followed by some exquisite refreshments and some remarkable entertainment that was prepared by the students.

But the highlight of the event was displayed when the students and the parents handed a framed woven mat that shows the gratitude for hard work the staff and tutors have put in for the students for the last four years.

“It is an honor to have gift from you and we will never forget the memories you brought to this program,” said Director John Zedkaia. The event concluded with a farewell song called “We walk hand in hand.”


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