UB summer program rocks

Upward Bound students and staff launched an active summer program in early June with a combination of academic courses and tutoring, after-school activities, and community service.


To kick off the summer, Upward Bound students started their first week of school with an after-school clean up outside Assumption Church cathedral. Not all UB students from grade nine to 12 participated in this clean up. The role of community service is divided into various groups that alternate from week-to-week.

The student group cleaning here is group four, a mixture of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Facilitating this cleanup was UB Director and Academic Coordinator John Zedkaia and Arvin Jumao alongside tutors Jimmy, Alexy, and Gibson.

There was no idling in this community service as they were able to complete the work from start to finish. It’s now up to the another UB team to do the next community service.

On Friday, Upward Bound students gathered at CMI’s old library assembly hall for after school activities. This time, however, it was a face-off against all the groups in attendance, from group one to four.

The first activity was passing the bottle before the music stops or you’ll be eliminated. After several eliminations, group one member Maryann Kiluwe won against a worthy opponent in group four, Nia Wase.

Then to wrap things up, a freeze dance game took off displaying some hilarious dancing moves. Despite how well a lot of the students could dance, Cary Helkena of group one won the dancing game for his team.


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