Unemployment more than triples in twelve years

Journal 6/13/1975

P1 Constitution executed for Lolelaplap A formal constitution creating a Nitijela for the islands of Lolelaplap was executed this past week in Majuro at a meeting house located near the residence of Iroij Joba Kabua, son of paramount chief Lejellan Kabua. Iroijlaplap Lejellan affixed his signature to the first formalized constitution of the islands of Lolelaplap, islands which comprise a major portion of what are now known as the Marshalls. The signing followed nearly two weeks of long hour meetings between Lejellan and around 30 of his alabs on islands from Namdrik to Bikini in Relik chain.

P4  Overview plan gets once over A preliminary overview of the intended scope of a comprehensive master plan was presented to various key sectors of the Marshalls community last week by Marshalls District Planning Officer Dennis McBreen. Reaction to the submittal noted that the present form of the plan is too complicated and must be simplified if the people are to be able to provide meaningful input.

Journal 6/19/1992

P1 RMI targets rural-urban gap The Cabinet has approved the country’s second five-year development plan, placing a strong emphasis on fisheries, tourism and human resources development. The plan targets imbalances in development between the urban and rural outer islands and focuses on the need to increase outer islands development.

P3 Hospital looks for trained Marshallese Majuro hospital has numerous staffing needs but it cannot find skilled Marshallese to fill the positions so it is hiring outside medical professionals. “There are jobs here,” said hospital administrator Russell Edwards. “You don’t have to compete if you have the training. You can just walk in.”

P8 5,000 file claims, fewer than 400 paid Close to 5,000 Marshall Islanders have filed claims with the Nuclear Claims Tribunal as the August 8 deadline for filing a claim approaches. Of those, 379 — fewer than 10 percent — have been compensated. For the 379 claimants, a total of $14 million has been awarded but since the Tribunal is paying only a portion of the total each year, just $3.5 million has actually been paid.

P10 Local outrigger canoe is nearing completion Imagine yourself on one of the huge sailing canoes of long ago and you are on your way to the Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. Wouldn’t that be some experience — especially for today’s men? That same dream is about to come true for a group of Marshallese men. The Waan Aelon Kein Ad project is to finish its sailing canoe in July, according to Dennis Alessio, project director. Eight Enewetakese men are building the canoe with two trainees. The master builder is Lombwe Mark and his second man is Hertes John. The others are Jacob Jobe, Jojie Elisa, Sam Liveai, Inoki James, Abner Edward and Smith Hertes. The two trainees are Hardway Kattil and Jokaje Abraham. The canoe will sail in the Cook Islands for the Pacific Festival of Arts.

Journal 6/13/2003

P3 Job market worst in Micronesia The Marshall Islands has the highest unemployment rate of any US-affiliated island in the Pacific, according to figures from the Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office. The number of unemployed people more than tripled between 1988 and 200, from 1,432 to 4,536. Only 85 more people are employed in 2000 (10,141) than in 1988 (10,056).