Urok fishers set July record

With 50 fishing boats competing in the 10th annual Urok Club July two-day tournament, there was a traffic jam at RRE Shoreline at weigh in time each afternoon — and also plenty of excitement for the hundreds of people watching the action from the shore. Photo: Eve Burns.

The Majuro Urok Club set an all-time record with 50 fishing teams competing in the two-day July tournament last weekend.

The 10th edition of the urok (bottom fishing) July competition showcased local fishers — both men and women — like never before. In the first years of the July annual tourney, the Urok Club would see 15-20 teams compete. Those days are long gone, as the popularity of the club’s tournaments continues to grow.

The top fishermen for the urok tournament competed in three main categories.

• Total pounds: First place Captain Danny Wase, Team Enen Udej, 260.62 pounds; second place Captain Imaikta Joseph, Team Aeinkan, 221.38 pounds; third place Captain Brenson Wase, Team Sherlynn/Jonkan, 192.18 pounds.

• Average pounds: First place Captain Imaikta Joseph, Team Aeinkan, 73.79 pounds; second Captain Doniston, Team Kottar Ta, 61.30 pounds; third Captain Bwiro, Team MIDB, 60.76 pounds.

• Biggest fish: First place Captain Carlson Heine, Team Ri-Konnan, 19.68 pound jawe; second Captain Samuel Langrine, Team Jakurmej, 17.96 jawe; third Captain Biwi deBrum, Team Let Tok Ijen, 17.92 pound jawe.


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