US EPA says ‘job well done’

Journal 10/30/1981

P1 UN Day low-key United Nations Day 1981 was in name only and little action. In fact, most people stayed home doing their own thing and did not bother to show up. UN Day 1981 will be remembered for its lackluster show compared to previous UN days.

P1 Historic flag to Nitijela Monday Minister of Transportation and Communication Ruben Zackhras announced at Nitijel that November 2, President Amata Kabua is going to give the state of the nation message at Nitijela. At this time, the former flag that was raised on Jabor, Jaluit during the German occupation will be given to Nitijela.

P4 Suitable clothes vs. the Pacific Way By Akio Heine It is generally agreed among the people who have any perspective on it — and there are many who do — that Resolution 3 “To require members of the public visiting the Nitijela and surrounding offices to be properly dressed” could only have happened at Nitijela. To be less poetic about it, though, Resolution 3 is silly and absurd. In its entirety it reads: “Whereas, several members of the public visiting the Nitijela as spectators or visiting the offices surrounding the chamber are in the habit of wearing short trousers, t-shirts or other unsuitable attire; Whereas, the wearing of such clothes is disrespectful to the Nitijela, Senators and officers of the public service occupied in the area surrounding the chamber; Now therefore be it resolved that the entrance of visitors wearing unsuitable clothes into the area within 30 feet of the outer edge of the public gallery of the chamber of Nitijela be prohibited and that the police be authorized to enforce this prohibition.” Since when is showing our brown Pacific legs improper and disrespectful? Short trousers are more in line with the Pacific Way concept than long pants or tuxedos. The only more proper and more Pacific attire would be to reintroduce our ancestors’ clothing.

P6 Girl Scout leader visits Linda Hufmon, National Field Staff for the Girl Scout headquarters in New York, visited Majuro and Ebeye this week as part of the Girl Scout USA annual visit to this area. Huffmon said she is marking this trip to visit with Girl Scout leaders and see how things are, plus conducting a three-day workshop on what girl scouting is all about. Majuro Girl Scouts Committee President is Neimon Philippo and Vice President is Yoko Sawej.

Journal 10/29/1993

P1 Biggest and only marlin caught A disappointing turnout by big fish for some at the first Annual Mobil All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament, but not for the Marshalls Billfish Club’s Team 2 on MEC Brits Too. Landing a 343 pound Pacific blue marline Saturday morning were Alan Richards, Captain Jackie Jacobs, Ian Pickering and Lakjohn Lakjohn.

P3 Work to begin on Gateway, again A memorandum of understanding was signed October 25 between the RMI and Nauru to, among other things, complete the Eastern Gateway Hotel begun by the Nauruans in the early 1980s. Acting President Phillip Muller and Nauru President Bernard Dowiyogo signed the MOU after several days of meetings.

P20 A long way from home The flags of International Aatomic Energy Agency member nations were flying in the background as a Bikini delegation attended the ceremony in Vienna marking the membership of the Marshall Islands in the IAEA. In the Bikini delegation were Ajji Lewis, Nathan Note, Johnny Johnson, Nitijela Speaker Kessai Note, Mayor Tomaki Juda, Senator Henchi Balos and Jack Niedenthal.

Journal 10/22/2004

P18 Island celebrates The secluded island of Rongrong offered itself up for public praise during last Friday’s ribbon cutting, which celebrated the new dock, dispensary and tennis court. The island, which spans one and a half miles and lies off Majuro Atoll’s west end, is home to less than 300 residents.

P20 US EPA says ‘well done’ Employees of Majuro and Ebeye water suppliers — MWSC and KAJUR — and the Environmental Protection Authority were commended for ensuring a public supply of water despite numerous obstacles, says a recent report from the US EPA. Despite limited water sources, inadequate infrastructure, and routine water shortages, both MWSC and KAJUR are able to provide EPA-approved water to RMI residents.