US government sued for billions

Journal 11/20/1981

P1 US government sued for $6 billion The Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation Project (MIATLP) filed lawsuits against the US government in September asking $6 billion in compensation for damage to 15 atolls and islands, according to Bob Cowan, one of the attorneys here on a visit to the Majuro office.

P5 Leaking governor cuts power Power rationing should end November 19, according to a Public Works spokesman. Rita and Delap west have had alternating outages for two days due to a leaking governor on the Baldwin generator’s engine. Necessary welding has been done by PII.

P8 Namdrik airfield open, Arno next Namdrik’s new 3,400 ofot airfield has been cleared for emergency and charter flights, according to Mike Egan, acting general manager of AMI. AMI’s chief pilot is requiring some further work including cutting down some trees before regular flights can start. Last week, construction started on Arno’s airfield.

Journal 11/19/1993

P3 15-25 percent to be sliced from workforce The reorganization of the government workforce is in motion: to what extend this results in laying off workers is still to be decided, according to the government’s top civil servant. “The main point is that efficiency and economy go together,” said Chief Secretary Phillip Kabua. “Those positions not contributing should be eliminated.” A cut ranging from 15 to 25 percent of the approximately 3,000 government workers is being recommended.

P14 NTA hangs up more than 100 phones More than 100 customers with overdue bills had their telephones disconnected last week on Majuro as the National Telecommunications Authority set in motion new policies for long-distance service.

P22 If it sounds too good to be true, it is Don’t buy second hand machinery is the advice of a visiting engineering group. “We’re trying to discourage people from ‘freebies,’” said civil engineer Derek Sherman, leader of the Operations and Maintenance Improvement Program team that visit Majuro and Ebeye. “Don’t feet surplus equipment from Kwajalein. Why is it surplus? Because it’s not working.” He added: “People think it’s free. The initial cost is cheap but in the long-term, it’s expensive.”

Journal 11/12/2004

P2 90 kids do Army test, none pass Unofficial results from the US Army entrance test show that none of the 90 Marshallese passed the test. Poor English comprehension was identified as the main problem for those taking the tests.

P3 MOH puts out TB alert The Ministry of Health this week warned Marshall Islanders of a “dramatic” increase in the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in the RMI. Statistics show the number of active TB cases doubled between 2001 and 2003, from 43 to 86 active cases.

P18 Absences due to $, health? While parents identified money issues as two of five reasons their children weren’t in school, students themselves listed a variety of sicknesses as the main reasons for not being in school. Results from the recent school truancy study showed adults listed the following reasons for student truancy: no money for enrollment, late registration, no room at school, no money for food and sickness. In contrast, three of the five reasons listed by students were related to sickness. The other two reasons identified most by students as the resin for not being in school: helping with ilomej (funeral) and no money for tuition.

P28 Season open The international cruising yacht season has officially started, with American, Dutch and Canadian-registered boats all sailing down Majuro lagoon into Uliga anchorages this week.