US immigration move threatens CoFA approval

TW-pic-3-10Journal 3/14/1975

P1 Someone remembered Depressed by what you read generally in newspapers? Well, here’s some welcome relief: this paper has uncovered a rather nice rid-bit. The patients of Rehab Center at Majuro hospital, a facility that serves all Micronesians, are now enjoying a brand new 19-inch color television set, which was presented to them by Bob Christie, manager of Pacific Communications Corp., Majuro. And we didn’t find this out from Christie. This information was ‘leaked’ by officials at the hospital.

P6 Silk notes good and bad Summing up his opion of activities of the Congress of Micronesia during the just concluded Sixth Congress, Ekpap Silk offered some good news and bad news in a statement. On the good sir, Silk said he never saw a m ore enthusiastic, dedicated and concerned group. On the bad side, however, he has never seen “more time spent in disruptive debate, in motions and counter motions points of privilege and information” in all his years as a member of the House.

Journal 3/13/992

P3 Going to the UN President Kabua congratulated new ambassador to the United Nations Carl Heine on his appointment after the swearing in ceremony at Kwajalein last week. Attending the ceremony: Heine’s wife, Susand, Herty and Clyde Heine, Minister Antonio Eliu, and Foreign Secretary Jiba Kabua. Heine becomes the Marshalls first ambassador the UN to be based in New York.

P4 More deaths In the bad news department, hospital officials report more children dying of malnutrition. In January and February, at least six children died as a result of being malnourished.

P14 Finding sources of water becomes way of life The shortage of water in Majuro these days made like harder and in some point funny and amazing. At about 3:30am last week, a woman reported seeing an unknown pickup truck filling up water containers in a well near her house. She thought it was relatives, but it turned out it was not. People are no digging wells that have not been in use for quite a while. Few months ago, people used to carry picnic or fishing gear in the back of their trucks or cars. But nowadays their attention has turned to survival and the medicine is water. It’s not unusual to see pickups sporting a full water tank sloshing its contents along the road. Many from Uliga to Rita do not get any water from the city system because pressure is too low.

P19 A feast before a fast The Long Island Baha’is and guests celebrated the Aiyamini Ha, a holiday for gift giving, visiting the sick and elderly, and to make the beginning of the 19 days of fasting until the new year (for Baha’is) on March 21. Francis Reimers, Dr. Masao Korean, Timoci Seravi, and Fred Pedro were among people enjoying the program.

Journal 3/14/2003

P3 US move threatens Compact approval The US government is demanding that far-reaching changes to Compact immigration provides be included in the new Compact — a move that threatens to derail the pact at the 11th hour when it needs to be submitted to the US Congress for review and approval. Except for the immigration issue, the RMI sir easy to “sign off on the deal as is, pending resolution in the Congress,” said RMI Compact negotiator Bobby Muller.