US to settle nuclear debt

Journal 1/16/1981

P2 Marshalls bank waiting Marshall Islands Bank organizer Milt Polland told the Journal this week that corporation papers are all that is holding up work on the bank. Polland said he filed applications for foreign business permits for the bank and an insurance company in May, 1980. He said if the Marshalls wants foreign investment it must process papers much faster.

P3 Translators selected The Marshalls translators of the Draft Comapct of Free Association have been selected. The majority party and Cabinet selected Hemos Jack and Billy Sawej. The opposition chose John Silk. Translation is expected to be complete by mid-February.

P7 Ingram new AG Former Peace Corps Volunteer Carl Ingram is now a Deputy Attorney General and serving as acting AG. Former acting AG Bruce Abramson has left along with another assistant AG, which left Ingram as the only attorney in the office. He resigned from Peace Corps to assume the position.

P8 Miss Marshalls winners party The Es Kab Pop Disco baseball team, and friends and associates of Bwera Milne gathered at the Monkubok Club last week to celebrate their candidate, Sharon Kisino, winning the Miss Marshall Islands title.

Journal 1/15/1993

P1 Crime drops 30 percent Prosecution of criminal cases in Majuro dropped by more than 30 percent in 1992 compared to 1991.

P15 Watch this space After years of talking and planning, construction of Northern Islands High School for Wotje Atoll is about to get down to business. The site has already been surveyed and work begun in preparation for the building work getting underway later this month. Anil Construction workers housing and construction storage units have been set up.

P23 Local eggs taking over market Locally produced eggs have taken over about 30 percent of the Majuro market, according to managers of the RMI poultry project in Laura. With the arrival late last year of 2,500 additional chickens, produced of eggs has almost doubled, with close to 300 dozen eggs being produced daily.

Journal 1/16/2004

P3 Pombo wants to settle American nuclear debt American’s nuclear test legacy in the Marshall Islands must be resolved, Rep. Richard Pombo, chairman of the House Resources Committee, told the Journal Tuesday night during the US Congressional delegation’s visit to Majuro. “Obviously, the United States has an ongoing liability (for the nuclear test legacy),” said Pombo, who led the seven-member Congressional delegation that included US Secretary of Interior Gale Norton, the highest level US administration official to visit the RMI since 1988.

P4 Loeak wins Ailinglaplap by just one vote Nearly two months after the November election, the Ailinglaplap Nitijela deadlock was broken Tuesday as incumbent Senator Chris Loeak was returned to office by a one-vote margin in the final unofficial results, defeating Katsuo Katjang.

P8 What’s his UPC number? The Dash-8 was able to fly, but the pilot qualified to operate the aircraft is on vacation. AMI announced last week the plane was grounded awaiting parts. One of the maintenance guys said that while the plane was receiving maintenance, it was flyable. “The only part we need,” quipped another AMI guy, “is the pilot.” Imagine showing up at Honolulu International Airport to check in for your flight to San Francisco and the gal behind the desk says, “sorry, but your flight’s been cancelled. The pilot is on vacation.”