VB players hit setbacks

Marshall Islands Volleyball Federation players work on improving the playing surface of the SDA gym in Delap by installing floor tiles. Photo: Eve Burns.

The Marshall Islands Volleyball Federation (MIVF) suffered repeated setbacks this week as it attempted to launch initial tryouts for the Micronesian Games this week.

The organization has a contract with the Seventh Day Adventist School to use their gym in Delap, and has been improving the playing surface by installing floor tiles in the gym.

But three times this week — as of Wednesday — the floor tiles were ripped up and tossed aside by pesky basketball players who are using the gym when the volleyball group leaves.

The Micro Games tryouts were announced to start Wednesday but had to be postponed because the floor tiles were removed again. MIFV has to hire people to put in the tiles again, a complete waste of time to be doing the same thing within the same week.

RMI national volleyball team player Darcyann Muller told the Journal that they were trying to get the gym done by Wednesday so the men’s initial tryout could happen Thursday this week and women’s tryout Saturday. Stay tuned.


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