Volunteers in RMI at risk?

What we were saying way back when

Journal 10/21/1983

P2 Among other things by Akio Heine Good news (depending, actually, on whether you are dog-haters or dog-eaters (lovers?): the government is now cracking down on stray dogs. But no matter which side you’re on, you can’t deny the fact that there are too many loose canine out there already. In fact, if they would, they could have swing the (Compact) plebiscite vote results either way.

P3 Power users rated Majuro’s biggest electrical user, based on monthly usage, is Robert Reimers Enterprises, according to the Department of Public Works. The Eastern Gateway ranks second followed by the Althea Bing & Co., Tobolar Copra Processing Plant, Chuji Brothers Co., Momotaro Store, Mudge Samuel Co. and RN Company.

Journal 10/27/1995

P1 ‘Kanin lal jok’ Many different dishes were made during the World Food Day celebration on Tuesday. Sri Lankan, Tongan, Nepalian, Fijian, Indian and many other delicious foods were cooked and served freely for everyone present at the celebration, which included the United Nations 50th anniversary. “‘Kanin lal jok’ means it feeds everyone fully,” said Assistant Program Officer Anko Jekkein.

P3 Kedi gets first CMI award Kenneth Kedi has been selected as the first recipient of the Schuyler Nijri Kendall Memorial Foundation Scholarship. This is a new scholarship award program being established by the family of Schuyler Nijri Kendall at CMI. CMI President Dorothy Nadeau, Dean of Student Services Julita Tomines, and Foundation representative Rosemary Kendall made the presentation with Kedi.

P6 Lowest Tribunal payment in four years The Nuclear Claims Tribunal distributed checks to Majuro awardees October 23. This year the pro rata payments to people awarded compensation for injuries is five percent of the total net award for each claim, bringing the cumulative payment to 55 percent. “The Tribunal has attempted to balance the interests of present claimants to receive full payment of their awards with the interest of future awardees to receive payment proportional to that paid to previous awardees,” said the Tribunal in issuing the payments.

Journal 10/27/2006

P2 Checks a first for Ebeye For the first time in 27 years of constitutional government, the Ministry of Finance earlier this month printed payroll checks for Ebeye RMI government staff at its Ebeye office.

P6 Are volunteers in RMI at risk? WorldTeach Director Helen Claire Sievers flew out of the Marshall Islands last month from Boston out of concern for the continuing assaults on female volunteers teachers and to assess the future of the program in RMI. She told the Journal that WorldTeach has been “very concerned at the number of sexual assaults that have occurred involving our volunteers over the four years we’ve sent volunteers to the RMI. In addition, the violent assaults and rapes of other expatriate women in the RMI have been extremely troublesome to us.” This has prompted the program to reconsider whether it is wise to send female volunteers to the Marshall Islands, she said.

P12 + classes = + students Twenty years ago, just over half of all eighth graders got a chance to go to ninth grade in the Marshall Islands because there were so few high schools. Now, new and expanded public and private high schools are accommodating 85 percent of all eighth grade graduates in ninth grade. As high school class space continues to grow, the next big challenge facing government and private schools is getting larger numbers of students from first grade to high school graduation. Currently, about three out of 10 students who start in first grade make it to graduation.


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