WAC brings Xmas cheer

Journal 12/23/1983

P1 Japan shelves plans for ocean dumping Japan has decided to build a big underground nuclear waste storage bunker on its own territory, which will put aside, at least temporarily, plans to dump waste in the Pacific.

P12 Causeway receives preliminary approval At its first formal meeting held on Ebeye December 14, the Kwajalein Atoll Development Authority preliminarily approved a revised development proposal submitted by International Bridge and Construction/Micronesia, Inc. Under the plan, IBC/M is to proceed with design work in preparation for the construction of a causeway running north along the eastern reef of Kwajalein from Ebeye to Ninje island.

Journal 12/29/1995

P1 Chinese Republic of Canton Island? Move over Marshallese passport wheelers and dealers, the I-Kiribati neighbors of yours have come up with a wild and crazy scheme of their own for generating big bucks out of little ID booklets. According to Radio Australia, Kiribati looks to earn more than $2 million next year by selling passports to rich Chinese investors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with passports to sell for $11,000 each.

P1 It’s a miracle! “It’s like a second miracle,” said Fr. Rich, of Assumption Parish, about the new Catholic Church, St. Francis Xavier in Laura. The first mass was held on Christmas Day. The new church was constructed in three months.

P4 Where were Marshallese when Christ was born? An old Marshallese village dating back to the time of Christ was found at Kaben, Maloelap, according to Secretary of Internal Affairs Carmen Bigler.

P6 WAC distributes gifts Following an established tradition of Christmas sharing, the Women’s Athletic Club of Majuro this past weekend made the rounds of various wards distributing gifts to patients at Majuro hospital.

P15 Jet kain melele YELLER BNZMN As we listen to the three radio stations on Majuro, V7SW, V7AB and V7RR, they usually have different timing. The announcer on radio V7SW might say “our time now is exactly 12 o’clock,” while at the same time V7AB announce says “it’s five mi nutes after 12 in the afternoon,” and V7RR announcer goes “well folks, it’s three in front of 12 noon,” and as far as I’m concerned there’s something wrong because people are listening to the radio sometimes to get the right time and it’s not fair to give them the wrong time. New Year’s Eve is in 24 hours from now, which station should we listen to for the countdown? If the time is right from the start it will be right all the way to the end and who knows, maybe people will do things right, too…

Journal 12/29/2006

P3 Cable at a loose end The opportunity of the Marshall Islands to get access to Internet broadband and other communications services through a submarine fiber optic cable has largely been dismissed by government officials because of the high cost.

P3 WAC brings Xmas cheer to hospital The Women’s Athletic Club was out in force with a big Christmas visit to drop off presents to the patients at Majuro hospital. Each year, the Majuro club brings Christmas cheer to the patients.

P7 JAL flight set for February A Japan Airlines team visited Majuro briefly last week, and indications to the private sector are that it’s a “thumbs up” for the start of the first charter service in February. Marshall Islands Resort General Manager Bill Weza said the team came primarily to check the airport as part of final preparations for the February 11 launch.


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