First outer island schools accredited

JHS’s WASC team, on the left: PSS WASC Coordinator Baldwin Robert (second from left) with teachers Cathleen Reimers-Fernando, Romeo Lomae, and Michael Tibereke. On the right: Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Asena Ketedromo-Kuricivi, teacher Jolame Tuwai, JHS Principal Keener Menanso and Associate Commissioner Junior Paul.

Jaluit High School Principal Keener Menanso and Jabor Elementary School Principal Tom Phillimon received letters last week from the Accrediting Commission for Schools of Western Association Schools Commission (ACS WASC) informing them that Jabor Elementary School (K-8) and Jaluit High School (9-12) are now “Fully Accredited by WASC.”

WASC has given both schools a three-year accreditation term, through June 30, 2024.
This latest accreditation brings to eight the number of public schools that are WASC-accredited in the RMI and stands out for making these two Jaluit schools the first outer island schools to gain accreditation from the US accreditation organization.

“The approval of initial accreditation entitles you to use the following phrase on transcripts or in school advertising: Fully Accredited by (or) Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, until such time as your accreditation has either lapsed or been denied,” Commission chairperson Gregory A. Franklin told the two Jaluit principals.

WASC’s accreditation decisions for both schools in Jaluit were based on all of the information that the schools provided, including the schools’ reports, and the satisfactory completion of accreditation visits that were done virtually because off the Cover situation.

With Jaluit High School and Jabor Elementary School accredited by WASC, there are now 12 WASC-accredited schools in the Marshall Islands.
The public schools are Rita and Delap elementary schools, Majuro Middle School, Marshall Islands High School, Laura High School, Kwajalein Atoll High School, Jaluit High School and Jabor Elementary School.

The following private schools are WASC-accredited: Majuro Cooperative Elementary School, Majuro Cooperative High School, Assumption Elementary School and Assumption High School.


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