Women show fishing talent

Women fishers turned out in force for the Eighth Annual Breast Cancer Urok Fishing Tournament last weekend that was hosted by the Majuro Urok Club. Photo: Eve Burns.

Last weekend’s Eighth Annual Breast Cancer Urok (bottom fishing) Tournament generated strong participation, particularly from women fishers who turned out in force.

The bottom fishing competition run by the Majuro Urok Club brought out 36 teams involving an estimated 180 participants — most of them women — including male boat operators this past Saturday. Team NRC stood out with all women on their boat.

The month of October has seen a flurry of high-profile events promoting awareness and action for cancer prevention.

Wednesday this week, the Third Annual Breast Cancer Pink Tea Party was held at RRE’s Tide Table restaurant, with a crowd packing in for the event that featured food, music, speeches, a photo booth, door prizes, and some of the most creative pink outfits and amimono (handicraft) hats seen in one place in the Marshall Islands.

Coming up October 24, the Marshalls Billfish Club is hosting the “Breast Cancer Fish for Cause and World Food Day” tournament at RRE Shoreline, another event highlighting cancer awareness.


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