Worst year in copra output


P6 Interior Plumbing and Aeronautics by Joe Murphy Bob Fischel and the ICA have come out with a paper entitled “Follow-Up Report Relative to the Majuro Consult on Human Development in the Marshall Islands.” It’s nine pages long, and quite startling. It reports that the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) met with Leander Mellon, Robert Reimers, Rhine Brain, Lester Talley and Kanami Yamamura of the MCAA Board of Directors to discuss the consultative assistance of ICA for MCAA. The report continues, “The Board met and hired Robert W. Fischel of the ICA to staff as Director of MCAA and charged him with the responsibility of training a Marshallese to assume the role at the end of that time.” Now I can tell you I have had my feelers out on that story for quite some time now and this is certainly news to me. Is it true? Other areas of ICA’s report are equally intriguing and exciting. To my mind, they are attempting the near impossible, but I find myself sort of frown on the verge of being critical. Practically every one of their ideas appeals to me, but the ramrod stance of everything going ahead full bore with all the rough spots smoothed over gives me a feeling of unreality. I think this may be a difference in attitude that is causing my difficulty. For the most part, everything they have set out to do is coming into recognizable being.

P8 Cable TV soon in Majuro Residents of Majuro can expect to be watching television in the next few weeks, according to Bob Christie of Pacific communications cable TV operation here. Final agreement has been reached with the Trust Territory government over joint use of existing power poles and the contract for actual installation of the lines on the poles has been given to Island Construction Company. Kirt Pinho of Island Construction says his company should have the main lines installed within two weeks.

Journal 1/10/1992

P1 Typhoon batters Majuro Typhoon Axel saved the worst for last, inundating Delap to the airport with high waves as the storm moved by Majuro on a collision course with Kili and Jaluit. One of the worst hit was the Lanwis’ complex, which was under two feet of water.

P3 Chief Justice Rutledge: Crime rise is a ‘frightening trend’ A dramatic rise in violent crime in the Marshall Islands, and particularly the increasing use of guns, is “a frightening trend,” Chief Justice of the High Court Neil Rutledge told the Journal. Criminal cases — for everything from murder and assaults to burglary and rap — have jumped 65 percent between 1988 and 1991.

P8 Clam demand spawns new marine exports The production of clams in the Marshall Islands is spawning the development of tropical fish and marine products into export businesses. Marshall Islands Aquaculture has moved from the research stage into the export business, said MIA’s Neal Skinner.

Journal 1/17/2003

P2 Copra’s worst year ever Last year was the worst year for copra production in the Marshall Islands since statistics began being collected in 1951. Tobolar statistics show that just 2,652 tons of copra were brought into Tobolar, compared to 5,257 tons for 2001. Tobolar Copra Processing Authority Manager Mike Slinger said shipping remains the biggest problem. Copra is being made on outer islands but not getting into market, he said.

P10 The fun’s over when the New Year’s done Then it’s time to pay off all the bills. Danny Muno of the Block Party Committee was holding onto a wad of cash that was generated from this year’s Block Party. Whatever doesn’t go to pay off expenses will be donated to the Ministry of Health’s public health program.