WUTMI hosts 21st national conference

Miram deBrum and Lamjok Alik lift up the spirt during a Majuro Mejen Armej dance performance at Marshall Islands Resort Monday night to welcome the start of the WUTMI 21st Conference. Photo: Hilary Hosia

Big things are happening with WUTMI this week in Majuro hosting its 21st annual conference and bigger things are coming in 2023 and 2024.

The Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls Christine Clarke is slatted to visit Marshall Islands in 2023, news that was shared by Australian Ambassador Brek Batley during the Women United Together Marshall Islands opening reception at Marshall Islands Resort Monday.

In 2024, the RMI will host the Triennial Conference for Pacific Women and the meeting of Ministers for Women — events that Batley says Australia will support.

If we were to summarize the dinner at Marshall Islands Resort Monday evening, we’d say Majuro people outdid themselves in more ways than one. Despite not being present for the opening of the WUTMI program, Majuro Lerooj Esther Zedkaia ensured the evening ran smoothly by designating her family to host the event.

Speaker on behalf of Lerooj Esther, nephew Yoland Jurelang offered welcoming remarks, adding the borders have been opened and welcoming was done even before the ladies departed their lands.

To step up the service provided, all guests remained in their seats while food was served directly to their tables — talk about VIP treatment.

Yoland even joined niece Miss Majuro Priscilla Zedkaia in the night’s entertainment. The dance performances had the audience in excitement.

The Majuro Mejen Armij women’s group led by Evelyn Lanki lit up the night with their dance performances. Their dance was so catchy, women from other WUTMI chapters joined in.
At the conference session Wednesday, Brenda Alik took helm of WUTMI following a unanimous vote at the International Conference Center. Brenda replaces outgoing President Mona Levy Strauss.

The following were voted alongside Brenda in the election: 1st Vice President Juren Jatios, 2nd Vice President Amon Luther, 1st Secretary Irene Lektak, 2nd Secretary Sana Abner and Treasurer Flora K Nath. The member at large position will be handpicked by President Brenda.


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