Yubok, Zeah join Joss in song

The late Yubok Lokiar, Isaiah ‘Zeah’ Kramer, and Joss Stone on the beach at Enemanit Island in 2019 performing a music collaboration that was posted to Facebook pages this week.

Daniel Kramer’s Six9Too Productions is at it again. This week, Joss Stone, the well-known American singer and songwriter who visited Majuro in 2019, released a music video on her Facebook page featuring herself, Isaiah ‘Zeah’ Kramer, and the late Yubok Lokiar sitting on the beach at Enemanit Island having a conversation and singing a Marshallese language song composed by Daniel and son Isaiah.

The banter between Zeah and Joss is unrehearsed and entertaining. She joins Zeah and Yubok singing the song. The video is also a bittersweet epitaph for Yubok, who died several weeks ago.

“He was one of a kind, I know everyone is going to miss that,” said Daniel of Yubok. “He was always happy and jolly. Band sessions whether practice or preforming can be pretty intensive, clashing of ideas and personalities are constant. Yubok was always the source of happiness and calm within that environment. Never failing to crack jokes and ease tensions during the most heated exchanges. His joyfulness and happiness was infectious, he would always bring the positive vibes.”

Six9Too Productions brought the American singer to Majuro in 2019 as one of its many concerts bringing Pacific Island, Hawaii and US musicians to Majuro to perform — and in the process helping to put the Marshall Islands on the map. As a result of that visit, the collaboration among Joss, Zeah and Yubok happened and the result was revealed to the world this week.

The new music video on Joss Stone’s Facebook page is sure to generate widespread comment and interest among her fans in the US and around the world.

The music video is titled “ZEAH ft. Joss Stone.” It can be watched here: https://www.facebook.com/Six9tooproductions/posts/4554597454574183.