Yun meets Kabua in DC

US Ambassador Joseph Yun, left, with President David Kabua in the RMI Embassy in Washington, DC. Photo: President’s Office.

Special Presidential Envoy Joseph Yun paid a courtesy visit to President David Kabua at‬ ‪the RMI Embassy in Washington, DC Monday this week. Yun heads the US Compact negotiation team.‬

President Kabua welcomed and thanked Yun for the time to meet in person as they were unable to meet in person earlier due to ‪Covid-19. ‬

The President thanked Yun for his work on the Compact ‪negotiations. President Kabua said he looked forward to progress and working together to achieve an‬ ‪agreement that is beneficial to both sides. ‬

“I look forward to a very nice agreement ‪that will be beneficial for both sides and with a dignified solution,” stated the President, according to a release from the President’s Office.‬

Yun announced that the third round of negotiations will be held in the Marshall ‪Islands at the end of October or early November.‬

Yun commended President ‪Kabua on his statement during the 77th United Nations General Assembly stating that it was a‬ ‪very well balanced statement and that the nuclear issue was well timed amidst the‬ ‪Ukraine-Russian war. After the courtesy visit, Special Envoy Yun toured the Embassy and was shown‬ ‪photos of the nuclear legacy that hung on the walls of the Embassy.‬

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