Zackios, Short sign Compact of Free Association

Journal 5/2/1975

P1 Will Tinian have a choice? With a plebiscite scheduled for June 17, and the choices being whether to forever become an American “commonwealth” or remain part of the Trust Territory, many islanders here on Tinian feel they will be “forced” by voters on other islands in the Marianas to carry the military burden.

P7 Marshalls legislature finishes a nice session The Marshall Islands Nitijela characterized in its 1974 regular session as a separatist legislature drought with tension and momentous statement has completed its recent 1975 session in a much more temperate fashion, a fashion possibly suited to the rather hectic pace of change occurring generally throughout the Trust Territory. In short, it appears to have been a legislature that decided to sit back with a wait and see what happens attitude — and not a bad choice when you take into consideration all the things planned for this coming summer.

Journal 5/8/1992

P1 Passport case sizzles Down Under Senator Graham Richardson, Australia’s Minister for Transport and Communications, was accused by an opposition member for “heaving” the government of the Marshall Islands to drop charges filed against Australian Gregory Symons. The charges were made in connection with a telephone call Senator Richardson made to President Amata Kabua shortly after the forgery charges were filed against Symons in early April. Symons is married to Richardson’s first cousin.

P19 MIHS wins final The Seventh Day Adventist basketball team shocked Marshall Islands High School 30-20 on Constitution Day, forcing a second and final rematch between the two teams int he double elimination tourney. MIHS bounced back to take the game Monday, 44-26. But the SDA boys will remember the day they knocked off the perennial high school champs.

P19 Arno blasts Lajimma In play involving outer islands teams, the Arno nine showed their atoll is fertile ground for ball players as they trounced Lajimmas 20-8 in Constitution Day play.

Journal 5/2/2003

P2 Compact sign off Marshall Islands and US officials signed the amended Compact of Free Association Wednesday at the Nitijela, hailing the agreement four ushering in a new era of cooperation and accountability. Foreign Minister Gerald Zackios and US negotiator Al Short signed the new 20-year deal that has been under negotiation for about four years.

P3 2003 race tipped to be best This year’s 7th annual Outrigger Marshall Islands Cup national race is expected to be the most competitive ever, with a pool of sailing talent and racing canoes coming together as never before. Morton Jikit and Tiem Clement dominated the first four years of this race, winning two national titles each. But others, including Sammy Abija, Clena Clement, Liton Beasha, Kalej Kare, Bater Rubon, Lakien Laiden, Jinet Nimoto, and Rice Snight are among the growing group of talented captains competing nationally.

P9 First time PII has produced a local crematorium that for the first time offers this option locally as a sanitary and dignified way of handling remains.