Bikini declared safe

Journal 9/3/1973

P7 Majuro nixed for next session

The leadership of the Congress of Micronesia has decided to hold its next regular session in Saipan rather than Majuro. This, in view of an earlier Joint Resolution approving of 1974 regular sessions in the Marshalls, was unfortunately necessary because of a lack of adequate accommodation to house the Congress on Majuro.

P15 Ho-hum meeting held

A meeting was held at Majuro, August 18, to discuss activities having to do with the rehabilitation of Eniwetok Atoll. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Trust Territory government, Micronesian Legal Services Corporation (representing the people of Eniwetok), the Defense Nuclear Agency, Holmes and Narver, and the Atomic Energy Commission. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the District Administrator and his staff and the Eniwetok representatives of the progress of the survey efforts, and of the results of a recent field trip to Ujelang, made by representatives of the same organizations. These representatives reported that the visits were very successful.

Journal 9/4/1992

P1 Bikini declared safe

Fourteen years after the Bikinians were evacuated from their home because of high levels of radiation, US scientists say that it is now safe for them to return to Eneu Island, one of two major islands at the former nuclear test site.

P1 $65M budget goes to Nitijela

Marshalls’ Finance Minister Ruben Zackhras introduced the fiscal year 1993 national budget this week. It calls for spending $65.3 million, with $40.2 million provided by the Compact. Fishing fees will generate $1.9 million.

P15 BOMI marks 10 years as ‘local people’s bank’

The Bank of Marshall Islands has grown and gained customer confidence during its 10 years of existence because people see the bank has a solid financial foundation and Marshallese realize they need their own local bank, Manager Patrick Chen told the Journal on the 10th anniversary of the bank.

P19 Heavyweight stuff

The new NTA building in Delap is being built to withstand typhoons, with heavy reinforced beams and three foot concrete foundation at the base of the structure. The two-story building is expected to be complete next year.

Journal 8/29/2003

P2 More measles

The number of measles cases in the RMI ballooned from 214 last week week to 433 as of Wednesday this week.

P3 Crunch time for CMI

The College of the Marshall Islands is close to losing access to $4.5 million annually in US federal funding and whether or not it maintains this access after the current school year has everything to do with the level of funding Nitijela provides in the fiscal year 2004 budget, President Wayne Schmidt told the Journal. The level of Nitijela funding is a major factor in the five eligibility requirements that must be met to maintain accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. “As we told the Nitijela (budget hearing), it’s time to fish or cut bait,” he said.

P9 Greetings Greta

It turns out that some local folks, especially those from the land of Bukarar, were particularly delighted to hear the recent US announcement of the appointment of Greta Morris as ambassador to the RMI, and the even more recent arrival of the ambassador. Wow, several commented, what a grand accomplishment for the graduate of Marshalls Christian High School at Majuro’s Rongrong island. On deeper analysis, however, it was discovered that the Greta Morris who arrived Friday is not Internal Affairs Minister Rien Morris’ sister of the same name, who has long lived in the US.