$7 million deal with ADB

tw-pic-9-16Journal 9/19/1975

P1 Meet scheduled on Bikini resettlement Official Washington, understandably, is in a quandary and the reason is none other than the Bikini Resettlement Project. What with a report from the US Energy Resource and Development Administration stating that additional restrictions be observed by Bikinians if they elect to return to Bikini Island where 40 houses have been construction, and no one exactly sure how the Bikinians themselves will react to the new information, the Interior Department, which has primary responsibility for the resettlement program, has called for an interagency meeting of various governmental departments to discuss the new situation and develop an official position.

Journal 9/20/1991

P1 Marshalls joins UN The Republic of the Marshall Islands was official admitted to the Inited Nations September 18 in an historic vote taken among its members at the international organization’s headquarters in New York City.

P4 $7 million deal with ADB A negotiating team from the Marshall Islands recently signed preliminary loan documents with the Asian Development Bank for a pilot fisheries development project based on Ebeye. Led by Finance Minister Henchi Balos, the team worked out details of a $6.95 million loan package.

P11 Don’t even think about poaching fish in Marshalls’ waters The ceremonial guard from the Lomor faced the crowds at Uliga Dock at the dedication celebration for the new vessel Lomor: Tiem Lang, Robert Silk, Guard Commander Jack Barker, Titaji Dentura, Lucky Jitiam, Lucky Jitiam and Rye Morris.

P14 Groundbreaking, ribbon cutting mark steps in Delap development The Majuro Central Building was dedicated last week with a gala round of parties, ceremonies and speeches. In addition to the ribbon cutting ceremony actually opening the new building to the public, a groundbreaking ceremony for Ann’s Building was held earlier in the day. At the party held Thursday evening on the roof of the five-story structure, RMI President Amata Kabua said the building “sets a new standard.”

P23 Mixing business with pleasure Reception for the Majuro Chamber of Commerce at the US Embassy brought together diverse elements of the business community for a lively exchange of viewpoints. Among those attending were attorneys Carl Ingram and Dennis Reeder, Tobolar Manager Kevin Ake, Nitijela candidate Victor Bwera Milne, US Ambassador William Bodde and Israel Consul and DAR owner Charles Domnick.

Journal 9/22/2000

P8 Bon voyage Jeffery Kwajalein continues to benefit from the corps of experienced local airline pilots. Former AMI pilot Jeffery Wase this week becomes the third Majuro-based pilot to make the jumpy to piloting at the US Army Kwajalein Atoll. He joins former AMI chief pilot Helbert Alfred and pilot Scott Davis.

P20 Bank ready to take off The Bank of Marshall Islands opened its new airport branch last Friday, drawing praise from government and private sector leaders.

P24 Call for EPA to clean up its act The need for stepped-up lagoon fishing and pollution enforcement prompted much comment at last week’s Chamber of Commerce meeting. Local residents and business people commented about increasingly apparent pollution from ships in the lagoon, as well as night time lagoon bottom fishing and noise pollution by the tenders from the purse seiners.