70 migrate for US work

Journal 8/9/1985

P1 Marshalls hot in Fiji debut A 45-35 win over Team Kiribati in Tarawa last Saturday was a good warm-up for the Marshall Islands basketball team which is in Fiji this week competing in the Oceania Championship. In their first tournament game, Hackney Wase was hot as kimchee, dropping in 27 points to lead the Marshalls to a fast-paced 81-77 victory over the Northern Marianas team. 

P4 Kona 1985 The Marshalls Billfish Club is on its way to Kona, Hawaii to hand out some fishing lessons to the international teams who don’t know how to fish as well as us. Our finest left August 8 on Air Mike with a small potion of Majuro magic and our best wishes: Wally Milne, Ronnie Reimers, Victor Milne, Biten Lanki, Ramsey Reimers and Rick Bush will meet Tom Michaels in Hawaii to represent MBC.

Journal 8/8/1997

P1 Japan eyes US disinterest Japan is hosting a Tokyo summit of Pacific islands presidents and prime ministers in October, says Bank of Hawaii economist Wali Osman, because Japan recognizes the long-term value of the Pacific nations’ ocean resources. President Imata Kabua and Foreign Minister Phillip Muller are expected to attend. With the end of the Cold War and “since the United States has practically given up on Pacific islands development — small places don’t matter anymore,” Osman points out that “Japan has recognized an opportunity to step into big Uncle Sam’s shoes and fill them.”

P4 Bikini sets cyberspace pace Bikini Atoll’s website was recognized this week for being in the top five percent of thousands of sites reviewed by Lycos, an organization that rates pages on the world wide web. In the 25 web sites listed under travel, Bikini was listed number one and tied with four others for the top overall rating.

P5 Basketball fever Majuro hasn’t seen a basketball series like the Hawks-Brand X championship. And it was made all the more exciting because of the great broadcasting by Waston Attari, one of the new DJs at V7AB. We heard a lot of nice comments from listeners about the broadcasting job he did over the five-game series. It seemed that just about everything car and house in Majuro was tuned into the fifth game last Thursday, hanging on everyone of Waston’s words about the game.

P19 Brand-X does it! Before an audience of a couple of thousand chanting fans and thousands more glued to V7AB radio, Brand-X became the 1997 Majuro basketball champions by defeating defending champs Rita Hawks in a five-game series. In a heart-stopping game, the upstart Brand-X held off a challenge by the Hawks to nail the championship 86-78 in the do-or-die fifth game of the best of five series. Brand-X’s come from behind win, after being down in the series 2-1 is a measure of the poise and team play that the players developed. The final margin of eight points doesn’t convey the tension and suspense that this 40 minutes of basketball produced for an audience that yelled itself hoarse chanting, booing and cheering for the teams. Len was leading scorer for Brand-X with 26, followed by Kinso with 18 and James 14. For the Hawks, Rantly led with 25 and Randy scored 22.

Journal 8/8/2008

P23 KIJLE ladies in action The KIJLE group in Laura has been very active, including wrapping up a recent weight-loss competition. The winners were: Ann Jokray, Telje Aikne, Elbina Mea, Neika Laju, and Hemithy Lajio. The ladies recognized Majuro Atoll Local Government and Jeirok Councilman Carlson Jutok Timothy for their support.

P32 70 get jobs in the US About 70 Marshallese have so far left to the US for jobs in American hotels. Among the first crop of people to depart with one-year contracts and one-way airline tickets are now working as security guards in a hotel in Rhode Island, including: Gold Konou, Arawaia Kakorao, Belsa Jude, Jim Lesera, Ohno Leban and Erlik Jeban.

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