Jack’s back in the election

The Courthouse in Majuro.
The Courthouse in Majuro.

A month before Marshall Islands citizens elect local and national leaders, a move involving the Supreme Court confirms there is nothing to prevent naturalized citizen Jack Niedenthal standing for election to the Nitijela.

The High Court ruled for Niedenthal’s right to stand for Majuro in the November 16 election earlier this year, and the Supreme Court rejected a motion from Assistant Attorney General Rosalie Konou to put a hold on the High Court ruling pending the outcome of her appeal.

The appeal was awaiting the filing of a legal brief by Konou to proceed before the Supreme Court. But she retired as of late last month.

The dispute has now been put to rest by Attorney General Natan Brechtefeld and attorney David Strauss, who represents Niedenthal. Earlier this month, they signed and filed an agreement with the Supreme Court to dismiss the appeal by the Attorney General’s office, meaning the High Court’s ruling in Niedenthal’s favor stands as issued.

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